Alcohol… I just want a beer!

Eric: Systembolaget….. systembolaget….. what? A government run shop? What? That limits the times that you can buy beer? What?

Ok. So it’s warm in the apartment, the night is closing in, and we are cuddled up on the sofa. The lights are turned down low, we’ve eaten…. so…. I’m thinking… grab a few cans of beer or a bottle of wine?

“We can’t.” She says. “We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

Sorry? Förlåt????? Vad sa du???? Why?

Well, it seems that if I want to have a beer in the evening, I have to know that in advance. I come from a binge drinking culture. As long as it’s between 11am and 11pm, I can go to a shop, and purchase whatever I fancy. Many an evening has passed when I decide to go and grab a couple of beers, because the conditions are perfect. However…. not in Sweden it seems.

This is going to take some getting used to.

So basically, there is laws, introducing a monopoly on alcohol sales. Anything 3.5% and under (no thanks!) can be sold in Supermarkets, but everything else (not including restaurants and bars – where alcohol can be sold open for immediate consumption) has to be sold by Systembolaget. And with strict opening and closing times, limiting EVERYTHING!

This is quite normal for the Swedes, but for a Brit like me… I feel I’m in some sort of alcohol prison.

“You’ll get used to it.” She says, “We mainly only drink alcohol at the weekends.”

More monitoring and evaluation required, I think. However, needless to say, after a weekend of abstinence… Last night, we found our way to the big yellow and green sign… 300 Kr later… and the supplies are now in.

(On a side note… buying cans individually… good idea!)


Erika: You will get over it, babe :-* På Systembolaget kan du få tag på i stort sett allt du vill i dryckesväg och få bra tips av specialister som arbetar där. Det är ju det de specialiserar sig på. Och ett litet tips. Köp mer än vad du egentligen behöver, så har du till den dagen du sitter där och är sugen. Enkelt! Alkoholhaltiga drycker är ju inte direkt som en liter mjölk som blir dålig på en vecka eller två. Eller hur? 😉 Ett ännu bättre tips! Åk på en dagsutflykt till Tyskland, Boarder Shop, och köp på dig alldeles för mycket och till ett betydligt billigare pris.


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