Guest Blog: English Pub Located – Hangover!

Eric: So last night we went out. And now I hurt.

We were invited along to an English pub in the centre of Malmö for a pub quiz and I was quietly confident. The Pickwick is a fantastic representation of Englishness, with its wooden bar and selection of ales, and I was very surprised to find even the guys behind the bar… were actually English. I was right at home. So, I selected a premium European lager and she took a light ale, and it was the closest thing to a pint that I have seen since leaving the UK.


Adorning the walls are pictures of Queen Elizabeth II, there is London Pride on tap, and then… the locally famous, PUB QUIZ.

“It’s hard.” I am told by the regulars. “Don’t expect to win it.”

Well, we will see… I’m English, that definitely gives me a head start, right?


24 questions that sort out the men from the boys. And I’m firmly placed in the latter category.

“What glass, named after a type of weather, would you make a ‘Singapore Sling’ in?”

“What name was Emmanuel Radnitzky better known as?”

“What style of modern art, taking it’s values from impressionism, translates from the French for wild beasts?”

Ok…… I’m going to have a problem here…. Impressing her is a write off. Forget it. This is not going to happen. I may usually take pride in my academic prowess, but nothing is going to help me now. Perhaps I can ‘lucky guess’ my way through this… Maybe I can take a couple of ‘shots in the dark’ and hit a bullseye or two…. Nope.

“Another pint please mate.”

13 points out of a possible 28?? Not even 50%. But here is where the problem started….

“What times did these international disasters happen?”

It’s multiple choice… I can do this! 08:15, 08:46, 12:30, 23:40….

Easy!!!!! This is my thing! I have a good head for numbers, and I’ve watched countless documentaries about these things…… fingers crossed….. come on!!!

“Titanic hits the iceberg.”

YES!!!!!!!!! Late evening. 23:40.

“Shots fired at JFK.”

YES!!!!!!!! Lunch time. 12:30.

“Hiroshima bomb drop.”

Oh dear…….

“First plane hits the twin towers.”


She gets involved. She says she knows this…. “The twin towers was 08:46.” I think it was earlier…..

Needless to say, being a stubborn man, I decide that I am right and she is wrong. Pencil goes to paper, and the answer is locked in. And that’s all she has talked about for the last 12 hours. Thank goodness that we got very drunk, and we slept during that time…. I’m hoping that today’s hangover will cause her to forgot about it. For those of you that are unsure……. Twin towers….. 08:46.




2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: English Pub Located – Hangover!

  1. I don’t know why I’m surprised this place actually exists? I read about it in a book series (the first one is called Murder in Malmo, you’ll be pleased to hear), where the female Sweden detective ends up dating an English guy, and she likes to drink in here when her beau is back in England.. is Erica secretly in the police…. ?!

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