Erika: We made it! We managed to assemble, not only one but, two IKEA pieces of furniture without getting upset, missing any parts or ending up with that one screw, that you don’t know you’ve missed because you forgot to check the amount you should have at the start.

We got a little drawer and a small cube shelf to put in the guest room so Eric can leave a few things for when he comes back. And I’m so excited for him to come back.

We’ve had a rocky start, a crazy start, so our visits mean a lot to us. We realised that when we met up in London in February, off work. To be able to actually be a couple is something we kind of only can be when we see each other at home, and this is the first time. I can’t wait to go to his and see where he comes from, go to his favourite spots and sights, meet his family and friends and to see his everyday life.

To continue to be a bit crazy… Why not? We’ve known each other for a year and two months (yes, still at that stage), so buying IKEA furniture for him to leave a few things in doesn’t really seem that impulsive or crazy. Even though it is. A little.

Eric is in Malmö for one more day… One more day! Then it’s back to missing each other. Luckily, it’s not for weeks and weeks this time. And that is the reason I’ll be writing a bit in English. To practise. And because he is too lazy to press the translate button 😉

Eric: I am not too lazy… well… maybe a bit. But hang on… I’ve just built IKEA stuff without swearing. So a huge pat on the back for me I think.

Creating an IKEA masterpiece while sitting in Sweden, may well sound like a cliche…. But I assure you, it was a wonderfully fulfilling moment. I’ve popped a few clothes into the bottom drawer and my suitcase is suddenly a lot lighter. So this extra baggage cost on the “low fare taxi of the skies” (I’ll let you guess which cheap customer driven company I am flying with – it’s one of three, let’s be honest.) should be a little cheaper. (Always trying to save the pennies.)

All in all, it’s been a fun day. I’ve taken a few photographs, with my Polaroid camera, of the sights. And I found a shop that sold the Black & White film cassettes, so I’m very happy. I’ve numbered the shots in the order that I took them… The ones that are missing are obviously of Erika, so I will leave them out for now.

Now it’s time to enjoy the last 36 hours of my time here with her. Malmö has inspired me. It is a truly beautiful city, and Sweden is an amazing place. The people, the attitude, the experiences to be shared. I’m hooked. Don’t believe the news. Donald Trump would struggle to find a bad word to say if he’d actually been here. As with everywhere, I’m sure there are bad parts of town. Lawless, derelict and trapped in a violent struggle between good and evil… But I haven’t found it yet.

Malmö… Jag älskar dig! Trevligt att träffas. Jag skulle vilja stanna en extra vecka men det kan jag inte tyvärr.

I’m practising too. xx


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