A pot of coffee

Erika: Our morning routine for this whole week has been to sit at the balcony, drink a pot of coffee and talk. We’ve talked about (and here comes a Swedish phrase) allt mellan himmel och jord, which translates into all in between heaven and earth. I’ve loved our little morning routine. To sit and talk and watch the city come to life while filling our day with fika-plans.

I’ve been a bit ignorant about the fact that Brexit is happening, but today I’ll sit down and start reading about it and I’ll try to get an understanding of it. Eric is worried about us, and how we will be able to live our lives, as a couple, now when rules and regulations changes, whereas I’m more relaxed about it. Thinking it will all be fine and that there was a time before the European Union where love “won” over border controls and regulations. I guess it’s a good combination, one of us worrying and one of us being more calm about it. Keeps the balance.

Anyway… Today is our last morning where we can sit and have our balcony chat, due to Eric’s early flight tomorrow. But… We wont get stuck here. The day has just started. And after a few grey and dull days here in Malmö, the city has decided for us to have, weather wise, a great last day together. Rain or not, I think we would have had that anyway.

Eric: I don’t want to go! But I have a life to sort out at home. Bills to pay, council tax, phone bill, overdraft to sort out. I can’t keep hiding in Scandinavia I guess. But my experience of Malmö has been an amazing one. Two months ago, I joked about the negative news. I told her that she would have to move to me. In “free” England. That she would love it there. I’m near the beach, near the forest, it’s a quiet, peaceful and tranquil life… Wait. Hold on…..

Maybe not anymore.

As Erika says, Brexit doesn’t really concern her. We will be ok. The same as other international couples who move from the depths of South America, to begin a new life in the bright lights of Sweden or Britain. We will wait. Fill in the forms. Sign away our lives. And sell our souls for citizenship. Many have walked the path before us, and many will walk the path again.

But right now… I am worried.

When I return home, I will begin my research. What is the best course of action for us?


But today… I will continue to bury my head in the sand and immerse myself in this beautiful place as it continues to steal my heart.

We will walk through the city. I will embrace the tourist in me.

We will find souvenirs of vikings, blue and yellow flags and the three crowns.

And we will fika. Not too much though…. just lagom.


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