Our last night – for now

Erica: And yes, this is what we did! Our last night in Malmö. Sweets. Pick ‘n Mix. So now we feel sick and are really tired, but don’t want to go to bed. Eric is trying to pack his last bits and bobs, but we just don’t want to waste those last few hours on sleep.

After this morning’s very long balcony chat and coffee session, we walked into the city centre. Eric had decided that we should have falafel for lunch… That didn’t happen. He brought my Canon 600D camera with him, and started taking photos right on the doorstep. So… As we wandered into town, Eric took photos of everything! We didn’t even walk past the falafel place, so ended up at a classic restaurant called Mando Steakhouse & Bar instead. We missed the lunch by five minutes (but no need to get upset) after lunch they have an offer on food. 40% off! I ordered their classic, plankstek, but being English, of course, Eric wanted a burger. It turns out, he didn’t fully read the menu, and ended up with Idaho potatoes. No chips! (they did ask him if he wanted an English menu, but he said no!) 😉

Wandering around some more. More streety like photos. And then… This will come as a shock! We find ourselves sat with a cup of coffee at Lite Off Coffeeshop. I guess it was a nice way to end our day out in Malmö. The last day for we don’t know how long.

This last week has been super. I’ve fully enjoyed it and loved having Eric so close to me. I’ve enjoyed showing him around Malmö. My old spots and my new. My old schools and areas I’ve lived in. My apartment. My gym. Food. Parks. And so on…. I can’t really explain how comfortable Eric makes me feel, but I’m just so relaxed when he’s around. It really feels like he is the part of me that has been missing for all these years. I feel complete. Content. And so so in love!!!

Eric: I’m so sad to be leaving tomorrow. But I have played my part as a tourist today. Malmö has had one more camera clicking around today. My time with Erika has been fantastic. It’s been so nice to be a couple. Without the limitations of Skype, Facetime or Messenger. Just… together. Walking around, arm in arm, watching her face light up as she shows off her home town. I took a lot of photos today… That much is true.


I will blog them all when I arrive back in the UK tomorrow, and settle down with my own wifi. But for now, here is a taster.


I can’t wait to return here. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But for now at least, I must say goodbye. Tomorrow I will be leaving EARLY… really early. And I should be in the UK by the time most people are finishing their breakfast.

I’m going to miss this place… I’m going to miss my Erika. But time will fly as we wait for each other, and absence makes my heart grow fonder.

Now… time to get some sleep.


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