Applications and research

Erika: Part 1: Today is my first day sat down and trying to get some understanding of Brexit. I started reading a few articles from The Independent and browsed through a few other hits on Google. As I started to Google I realised that there’s not many hits for “in favor of Brexit”. I want to read articles from both sides. And even though I know this has nothing to do with Eric and I in that sense, I want to know the background of why and how the Brexit side won. In my head it can’t only be because of immigration, right? And why is Internet mostly full of Bremain articles. A 52% win is still a battle won, and I guess when you have won you don’t need to fight your corner as much. But still… Some more digging from my side is probably what is needed. I’m not the best at “investigating” and my knowledge of how to find things online is limited. As for now!

Part 2: From early afternoon until 6 pm I’ve been sat at Lite Off café, Malmö. First I met up with one of my best friends and her boyfriend, and when they had to leave I started looking at schools and education. A promise I made to both my friend and Eric, so I better! I want to study so many different things, but today’s applications were within law and economics. Let’s see!

With that finally done I went back to Brexit and found this article, again in The Independent. Even though what is said in the article wasn’t something new to me, it’s a good start for me to read something I’m aware of. My search for more is far from over. As I just arrived back home after some grocery shopping I need to make myself some dinner, or I’ll have Eric on the phone telling me off. To be continued…

Part 3: I made spinach pancakes for dinner with a big salad – Check! Doesn’t sound that tasty maybe, but it really was. And I’ve eaten, so Eric don’t need to worry 😉 As I went into the kitchen I got an idea how I could cook my dinner and at the same time learn more about Brexit. Podcasts, of course!! First hit was Chopper’s Brexit Podcast. I’ll start there.


Waking up this morning on my own made me feel a bit lost. And lonely. Just the normal missing my Eric lonely. And even if I’ve done a lot today, it feels like I haven’t. It’s funny how your body react to missing someone. And for me it’s easy to see that it does affect you. I have diabetes type 1, and my sugars have been all over the place today. That’s the result of my body or/and mind not agreeing with things happening in my life. They’ve been all over the place for the last three months, but not this last week. When my sugars are not in control, it’s hard to focus and take in things. So I’ll say goodnight now and hope for a better controlled blood sugar day tomorrow. I need to be able to focus. There are “a few” articles about Brexit that I need to read through so…. xxxx


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