Travelling home – Part 1

I thought that today I would do a diary of my trip home…. Took the 5:13am train from Malmö central station to Copenhagen airport. Said goodbye to Erika. It was hard to do, but this time is only a short time away from each other. I’ve had an amazing time with her, and I can’t wait for the 6 days until I see her again. But for now, we will have a long distance relationship once more. 

I was surprised how busy the station is this early. The train looks tired too. Faded blue seats, with leather green head rests, biege/ yellowing walls with 1970’s blue/grey patterns. And grey marbled floor vinyl (standard to all trains without carpet.) I am surprised by the headphone system overhead, that suggests it plays music to make the journey more pleasant, and the security cameras throughout. The train speeds through to Triangeln and then moves on to Hyllie before exiting the country. My last view of Sweden is the concrete world of the last station. The dark shows me very little of the view as the train rolls on. A lady speaks to me in Swedish, and I correctly guess that it is a request to see my ticket. And on we go for a very short stop in Denmark. 

Copenhagen airport is busy! British Airways flights and Swiss flights are jam packed with people at Terminal 2. But I’m early. So a relaxed bag check in with Ryan Air, and I can sit down for a while. All I want is a coffee, but I won’t go through security just yet as I’m not sure if there is ‘outside access,’ which I will require for cigarette breaks. But I have 55 DKK left in my pocket, (which by my conversion should be £6.37?)  let’s see if that gets me a coffee….

Done. Latte in my hand, and I’m at my gate. My life is now in the hands of Ryan Air…. 

6:36am…. the boarding queue begins. I watch the priority passengers stroll down their own private aisle, and I think…. what do they get extra. I must look into it. Google it when I get back. Surely on these low budget airlines, they can’t gain much. A faster queue… but we are all getting on the same plane. Getting on it faster really doesn’t achieve anything does it? 

On the plane and we are ready to go. It’s fully booked, but I hope it’s not too noisy. I’m going to sleep.

Waking up to the sound of the cabin stewardess was made considerably worse by the combination of her accent and the microphone that she spoke into. I have nothing against either, but unfortunately, while she was very nice, friendly and helpful… through this Boeing 737 tannoy system, she sounded like a ridged metal sheet being scraped with a large wooden stick. Luckily though, the tannoy system was so quiet that you really had to strain to hear it, so in the ‘unlikely event of an emergency,’ we would have plummeted to our deaths, without the faintest idea of which direction to scream, or whether we could place our heads between our legs with a life jacket on. 

Now I’m on the bus, heading to the centre of London… and as Erika says, “Because I’m British…. I want a burger.” 

I’m going to our meeting place at Waterloo… But this time… She won’t be there. Xx


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