Travelling home – Part 2

London Waterloo Station holds some recent memories for us. The Burger King – where I nervously watched Erika tear a whopper apart in three seconds… The Costa – where we ordered late night coffee while we booked a hotel…. platform 17. 

So here I am, waiting for my train home. Alone. With the pictures of her in my mind. It’s been a wonderful holiday, it’s been a wonderful time and it’s been a wonderful test. We have spent more time together over the last 10 days than we ever have, so far. Mostly just walking and talking. Enjoying each other’s company. 

I have learned so much about her. So much about her culture. And heard so many of her memories. 

Now I’m on the train, ready to leave. Ready for the final steps home. I’ve been to three countries already this morning, and it’s not even midday. And yes… I had a burger! 

I take home the knowledge that we will be strong. Even all these miles apart, we will make the best of it. Skype calls, FaceTime, messages, email, twitter and now this blog, can hold us together. 

After all, when times were bad, our grandparents did the same thing with handwritten letters! 


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