A cliché Monday

I fell asleep on the sofa last night. Woke up an hour later and tried to stay up for a bit. Half asleep, half awake. Then finally I decided that going to bed was probably what I should do, being as tired as I was. Luckily, I checked my calendar just before falling asleep.

Without planning it, today turns out to be a cliché. I have rebooked an appointment with my PT for today. And it’s Monday, the first day of the week. “I’ll start on Monday” is a phrase I’ve never used. I’ve always gone “I’ll start on Thursday” just to not follow the “rules”. But today, I will!

I’ve started the morning with a smoothie,FullSizeRender the one on the carton but without kale and honey, and I really like it. I’m new to this smoothie world so I have no idea what goes together to make a good one. Spinach and avocado I like in salads, but to drink? I didn’t have kale at home, but that goes under that question mark as well. But surely it tastes good with it in it too. From a diabetic point of view this isn’t good, but this is my breakfast. I won’t have time to get hungry before the gym and because I wasn’t planning for the gym today, I need to wash my hair before leaving the apartment. It’s a must! This is a good start for me, to fill my days with the gym, and still fika of course, and some more me-things.

To be fair, Mondays are good. Whatever I say, it is a new start, a new week and a day you’ve been waiting for the whole weekend to be able to make those important phone calls. Well I have! And my post-its are full with things I have to sort out before going to work on Thursday.

The day has just started so…. To be continued!




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