Moving abroad Pre-Brexit?

Eric: What a day it has been today! Everything happens at once.

Suddenly I’m now thinking of uprooting everything, leaving the only world that I have ever known and jumping on the first aeroplane out of here. Sweden is calling me…. hang on….. Erika is calling me. Everyday, on Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger…. But it is not enough.

I need to see her every day. Every morning when I wake up… So how can I make that happen? I have very little money, and I know what I have to do.

First step… find a job? My qualifications are limited in England… let alone Sweden! I never did the University thing… more out of laziness than ineptitude… So my high school education needs to put me in good standing. But unfortunately it doesn’t. My subject choices were limiting to say the least… But wait a minute… Erika is applying for uni….

“Universities in South Sweden” Google search sparks my interest immediately. Lund and Malmö. Ok…

“Universities in South Sweden taught in English.” … Here we are… Let’s have a look… International Business… No…. Economics…. No….. Human Rights…. Haha…Definitely no….

Hang on… what’s this….. I’ve found one!

I bring Erika up on Skype and we talk and talk about all the possibilities. While we’re talking… I apply. What have I got to lose? I might not get in… But why not? It’s worth a try.


So what is this going to cost me….

“University cost Sweden”… Come on Google that can’t be right!

“Higher education cost Sweden”…. Hmmm…….

“Is University free in Sweden for Eu Citizens”……. Yes? Really? If you are an EU citizen…. Oh no!!!!!! Brexit slaps me in the face again!

So… I’ve got two years right??? Right???

education in sweden

Two years to find a course. Apply. Get in. Get a residence permit. Move. Settle. Then when my course gets to year 3…. Can I stay and finish? Probably…. Maybe…. I’m not sure.

I have to try. The beast of Brexit could once again raise its ugly head… but today… I’m feeling positive. Ask me again tomorrow.


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