On the… Cusp?

Eric: I have so much to write about today. And the Daily prompt has sparked something in my imagination. change-architect-sign1I am on the cusp. On the cusp of great things… maybe. Alternatively of course, I could be on the cusp of a huge downward spiral into the vortex of the unknown. A death defying leap into personal freedom or eternal damnation.

Erika and I have mentioned before the problems that we had getting to where we are now… Well, it’s not over yet. In fact it is pretty far from over.

We were brought together by chance, luck and circumstance. A job that neither of us should have done. At a time when neither of us should have been there. However, we were. She should have been elsewhere in her life. Happy, settled and content. I was just beginning to make waves in my career. Moving forward and suddenly with more money than I ever had before (still not much mind you.)


And yet, for whatever reason… There we were. Sat talking. Flirting. Laughing.

Now the world has changed for both of us. We are happier. Although the world has not stopped throwing its turmoil. Placing large walls in the way of the path that we have attempted to walk down. We are strong. We will fight.


I know that now things are tough. I know that we have not had the best of starts. But there is life in us yet.

And now, we are on the cusp. On the cusp of change. It may be better, it may be worse. But either way it will be different. And we will strive to make it right. I will push her, as she pushes me. Toward a better future. Wherever we end up. Sweden, England or Outer Mongolia.

Right now, with the EU situation, with our personal lives and with the ever growing (it feels like) distance between us. I know that our love travels the whole 866 miles and back again. We have got this. We can do this.

But my goodness it feels difficult at the moment.

via Daily Prompt: Cusp


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