A system that works – Sweden

So… What happened with my Brexit research? I was really focusing this weekend on finding and reading articles about Brexit, but the last few days I’ve found myself clicking on one funny post or video after the other, still about Brexit though. I guess that is my way of getting the “easy” information that I need and in my head twist it and turn it into an opinion. I’m a bit of an opinionated person, but one of my strongest features is that I have the ability of seeing things from different angles, and understanding the different opinions people have.

My research about Brexit isn’t over! But… Being sat here in Malmö and reading and learning more and more about the U.K makes me realise how protected we are in Sweden. Our system has been put in to work, and it does, in some areas. I don’t like talking about politics, even if I do sometimes, so I mean it from an every-day-living point of view.

Yesterday I learned from my father about something called Social snedrekrytering på universitet, which I don’t know how to translate, but I’ll try to explain it. In the 60’s the government started looking into who actually applied for higher education, and it turned out it was mostly those with parents who also had higher education, the upper class, that applied. The government wanted to change that. So it’s basically about how to narrow the gap between who applies for universities, working class versus upper class, and to make it possible for anyone to study. It’s still something the government is working on, to close the gap even more. csnUniversities are for free, but you have to pay for books, and of course living expenses and such. And for you to be able to fully concentrate on your studies, in Sweden, we have CSN, who help you out financially when you study. The financial support isn’t a lot, but still enough to get by. Even with the support many students work extra. CSN help you out, but after you’ve finished your studies you have to start to pay it back. I’ve never really thought about how good CSN is but now, starting thinking about it, I understand what a great help it is to be able to have that choice. And having free schools.

In Sweden we also have Försäkringskassan, which is an authority you turn to to get help, benefits and support. They are infamous in Sweden for their ‘lack of understanding’, maybe they follow the book a bit too much. I’ve never had anything to do with them and only heard and read stories about the problems people have had. I can in a way understand their stone faces when faced with sobbing stories, but it’s not everyone that wants to use the system. And for someone who’s never used the system, or asked for any help, might have a hard time to get into the system. In my head, my competitive head, I think it is good (of course it’s bad too). If you’ve been able to manage okey for so long, maybe it’s for the better to keep fighting instead of getting the chance to get ‘lazy’. A bump in theforsakringskassans_logotyp road is at the same time a kick in the butt, I guess.

Sweden is, of course, not only about benefits. I’m just realising how good our system can be, and is, compared to many other countries. And to add, our system has been even better (not being political). In that safety net I include the banks and the way they’ve made it harder for people to get a mortgage. Again, good and bad. How will the younger generation be able to buy their first apartment? And again, working class versus upper class, I guess. But still, I think it’s good. I don’t like credit cards or being in debt. So for me, when I need to put myself in debt (house or car), it’s a good thing not being able to borrow the whole amount. I need to save to get what I want. As it should be.

YOU make your mind believe! Go get!

It feels like I’ve done so much the last few days, but I’ve really only waited for tomorrow. Tomorrow will come, but it wont be the tomorrow I hoped for. I did what I said I sometimes do, in my post-it post the other day. I did close down a bit. I think I need a new coach 😉 I’ve just never felt that something is missing as much as I do now. So for the coming fourteen days I need a slap in the face to wake up and tell myself that I’ll be fine. It will all be fine!

So… Let’s start a new count down. 14 days. 14 days!!



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