Guest Blog: So this is Malmö – Photos

Eric: I woke up really early today. The sun is shining and today is a new day.


This morning I am missing Sweden a lot. So I thought that it was time to edit my photographs. On my last day of Malmö, I became a tourist. Taking pictures of the sites and my memories.

And here they are. Malmö is such a vibrant and beautiful city. And in my opinion it should be top of everyones visiting list. It has parks, architecture, urban charm and rural beauty all rolled into one.


I am no photographer, but I have tried to capture some of the things that I love about the place.


Davidshall is one of my favourite areas. Mixing old with new. I can’t wait to see the new apartments in the old police station.


The imposing big blue tower building called Kronprinsen.


The park is stunning. We walked through it everyday. It is like being in the countryside.


The fort. Scandinavia’s oldest surviving Renaissance castle.

“The strategic location was of great importance. From here, the west side of the city could be protected and shipping traffic on the southern part of the Öresund monitored.”


“Malmöhus acquired its present appearance following major reconstruction in the mid 16th century, when King Christian III ordered the building of a modern fortress, splendid Renaissance castle and county governor´s residence, all on the one site.”


“Denmark´s coins were minted here in the Middle Ages. Crown Prince Frederick held wild parties here in the 16th century. Prisoners were beheaded in the courtyard in the 19th century. Malmöhus has now been restored in the spirit of the 16th century and is part of the Malmö Museums, the largest museum in southern Sweden.”


“The castle was for five years (1568–1573) the prison of James Hepburn, third husband of Mary, Queen of Scots.”


“Malmö is often called the city of parks, as it features several large and beautiful green spaces – perfect for anyone wanting to stroll around and enjoy some peace and quiet.”


Faxeska House was built in the 1760’s and restored in 1910, and was originally a farmhouse owned by the Faxe and Son’s wine company. It is an old red brick building, with old wooden beams in Lilla Torg.


Lilla Torg – Literally translated as little Square is in the old town in Central Malmö. Around the square there are several restaurants and cafés, full of people enjoying lunch and Fika! It is such a beautiful area, and catches the sun perfectly.


The architecture is fantastic. But, according to Wikipedia, Aspegrenska house, despite it’s ancient appearance… is a fairly new build. Perhaps someone could correct me if you know more?


Just before the cemetery and the park is another square (I can’t remember what it was called…) With a small restaurant/bar, fruit market and flower stalls.


Also featuring Germany’s best Doner Kebab’s? A new concept for me. Not the kebab… But the Germany bit.


Malmö: The colours – The sights – The atmosphere – The beauty – The lifestyle – The people – The culture….. Don’t believe everything that you read in the papers. It may have it’s problems, but name me one city in the world that hasn’t. It has its ‘rough’ neighbourhoods… but name me one city in the world that hasn’t.

Donald Trump, The Daily Express and anyone else who jumps on the bandwagon. Yes, there are issues, yes there are areas of the city that one should avoid… But the whole of Malmö can not be tarred with the same brush.

If we did the same with London or New York… No one would ever go there.


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