Finding work in Sweden – The Brexit Way

Eric: Well it’s a very early start for me this morning. I have so much to do.

I am going to start looking for a job…. But in Sweden…. Malmö to be specific. Computer is open, coffee is on and….. go….

Where do I start?

Last night I was able to get in contact with a friend living in Malmö who made a couple of suggestions… But… Ah… I still don’t speak Swedish. Min svenska är inte bra!

Apart from a few choice phrases… Trevligt att träffas… Hej… Jordgubba… Tack…  That’s about it… So I can order a strawberry ice cream if necessary, and be very polite when doing so.

Not the most useful phrases when looking for a job.

I am still hoping that I get accepted into the University over there… So, I think something temporary or part time would be better off for now. A quick search of “English Speaking 265cXHhy_400x400 (1)Jobs Sweden,” gives me a few possibilities. Most of which, I am completely unqualified for. Although, this is a possibility…

Application sent!

So what do you think are the best tactics? Guerrilla warfare? Just send off a hundred applications, in English and see what happens?

Well that is basically my plan…. Someone must need a native English speaker, who is mostly unqualified… Right?

Believe it or not… Sweden has all the same job hunting sites as everyone else. Monster, Indeed etc. Mostly, you just change for .se I think.


Being the third largest city in Sweden, Malmö has a bit of a reputation. It’s economy was traditionally Ship building and construction, but being so close to Denmark, with only the Öresund Bridge separating it from Copenhagen, there has now been a high rate (10%) of citizens making the journey to find work.

“For visitors, Malmö seems quiet, nice, maybe a little boring; that is to say, typically Swedish. However, under the surface, Malmö has serious problems. Malmö has the highest immigrant population in Sweden and one quarter of immigrants are Muslim. Especially in the section of Rosengard in Malmo, most of people living there are Muslim. The unemployment in Rosengard is reported as 70 percent, nearly 40 percent of Rosengard working age residents are jobless.”  

Source: –

But I’m not headed to Rosengard.

According to the internet – so it must be true – Malmö does have a high unemployment rate. Currently stated as 5.9% which is higher than the national average of 3.5%. But… I’m British. Stiff upper lip and bury my head in the sand. It will be ok… Won’t it?


In 2016 produced an article stating that in Sweden, you are more likely to remain unemployed for longer if you were born abroad. But Britain isn’t abroad is it? Surely we are the chosen people? Surely everyone wants a British friend? A British employee? With our sharp wit, (and Brexit) cutting sarcasm, (and Brexit) incomparable aloofness (and Brexit) and charm (and Brexit)?

Sorry, hold on…. Someone is on the other line….. What?…. I’m trying to write here…. Yes…. Say what you need to say…. Brexit?….. Well that won’t affect me…. I was one of the 48%….

Ok. Maybe it’s worth looking at this. Brexit may affect my chances of getting a job in Sweden. Who would want to employ me when I add this referendum decision to my CV. Yes, I’m under qualified… Yes I don’t speak Swedish very well… Yes I might have to go home in two years when my country sends for me, losing all of the training that you have lovingly given me, and causing you to have to look for someone else…. But of course I intend to stay in Sweden for longer than that… But it may not be my decision.

Damn you 52%. What have you done! I could now be used as a statistic. When they talk about Brits living and working in the EU, it’s no longer the EX-Pats that they are talking about… If I get a job, then I will be included in that number.

Usually I don’t read newspapers, but here is an interesting article from the Guardian.


I can’t keep thinking about it. I have to just apply and see what happens. Someone must want a Brit, who is desperate to move before Brexit stops him.

I have to have faith that somewhere in Malmö, someone will take a risk on me.


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