On the road again

Erika: Got up early this morning to have my morning Skype-call with Eric, while drinking my green smoothie, to then jump into the shower and, a bit stressed, go to the airport. Bus, train and a smooth security queue with smiley faces. Just the way I like it. I’ve been traveling to work for the last twelve years, so I need it to go smooth to not lose it. Which I normally do on the other side anyway… When I fly I always sleep. As soon as I sit down I fall asleep, and then to just wake up, get off the aeroplane and walk into a busy (doesn’t even have to be a busy one) airport puts me straight into a grumpy mood. Today I kind of lost it in the toilet queue. Well… It’s supposed to be a queue. And, coming from Sweden where you follow rules, it’s not ok to not follow the toilet queue rules. Surely, they must be international. Anyway… I’ve cooled down now 🙂

I’m going to be away for twelve days working, and Eric was supposed to be here now. He was supposed to be sat next to me having a fika. With me. Right now. Instead we have to continue with Skype and WhatsApp for another two weeks. When both me and Eric say we have had a rocky start to our relationship , that is to put it mildly. And our bumpy road just seems to continue. But we are willing to fight for it. The only thing I want is to be able to be in his arms every day. To look into his eyes, fall asleep and wake up next to him and to see his smile. Every day!! It’s hard being strong all the time and go “Ok. Right. Let’s do this” every time something changes. you-are-the-sun-in-my-day-the-wind-in-my-sky-the-waves-in-my-ocean-the-beat-in-my-heart-i-miss-youWe need to find new solutions every week, it feels like. But we’re on it. And we’re being strong. And we’re doing really good. I just want it all to get sorted now and for us to be together. You know when you just want to jump six months ahead and everything is taken care of? That’s where we are.

But now I have to focus on work. Get into work mode and earn money. If there was another easy way to earn the same amount of money and still have the same time off as I do, I would jump on that train with no hesitation. To not need to be away for two weeks at a time would really help. But to be honest, I need this job to be able to go and see Eric, and for him to come and visit me. And the time off gives us quality time together when we see each other. Focus on the positives, is what we need.

And to another positive! I get served dinner at work and it’s dinner time. So I’m leaving mine and Eric’s Internet home for a while. At least I brought little Francois with me, my little teddy bear I got from Eric. Our little teddy bear. (And I brought one of Eric’s jumpers with me. So sad, I know.)



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