Our first home?

Erika: The trust I have in my mother…

One week ago Eric started looking at apartments in Malmö, just for fun. But he found one. And we want it! I’ll buy it, but it’s going to be ours eventually.house.jpg

He found it exactly one week ago, which means I have not had time to go and see it, because I left for work the day after. And Eric is back in the U.K. So what were we supposed to do but to send my mother and auntie to go and have a look? The showing was this last Sunday and they went. It’s colourful, to say the least, but very nice sized and planned, it has a lot of possibilities and it’s “cute” as my mother and auntie said. It’s built in the 50’s, which I love, and it has a big hallway, small toilet (but that’s fine), cubiddingte kitchen, an ok living room, two bedrooms, a balcony and parking just outside the house. My mother is quite good with finding faults and she knows how I like things and what I’m looking for, and she said, “go for it”. I got scared and waited. I’ve never bid on anything in this price range before. There were no bids Sunday, nor Monday or Tuesday. They had a second showing Tuesday evening, and still no bids.

Today I went for it! I started bidding and I went low. A really low first offer. And now there’s a bidding war. I’m shaking, because I know I’ll soon be out. I don’t have enough money to go too high and I’ve just put in one of my last bids. The ones selling the apartment want it over and done with by tomorrow, so let’s see.

I want the apartment really bad now. I see Eric and me living there and starting our life there. Our none distance relationship.hearts.jpg

What scares me the most is that I haven’t even seen the apartment myself. I fully trust what my mother has told me about it. Should I? When it comes to this amount of money. I’m not sure. But I’ll go with Eric’s and my favourite word – crazy. Let’s be crazy a little bit more!


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