Easter – Car Boot Sale Day

Eric: Well it’s Easter Sunday (so happy Easter.) And was there a better day to celebrate. A day of celebration for the start of spring, and like the phoenix I shall also rise up again….. too much? 

Basically, if I’m moving to Malmö then I have to get rid of some of this rubbish. I’ve sorted out two piles…. bin it and sell it. Today is a sell it day. 

There is a local, very busy car boot sale, and Easter Sunday, it will be even busier. And…. I can’t wait to get my “roll up roll up,” voice on. 

It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years, and I’m a bit of a hoarder. But…. it turns out…. it’s just stuff. 

So let’s do this. Everything has a price…. and that price is £1. 

I’m taking nothing home with me! 

So come and get it! Grab yourself a bargain!

Take my life! Take it all! Today I will be resurrected! Not literally of course. Just a new man. Free of rubbish. Free of the objects that I have collected. 

And maybe, I’ll make a few quid!

Wish me luck!


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