Bye bye car

Erika: I’m back home, finally, and what else than to spend my mornings sat at the balcony, see the city come to life and look out over Öresund. And go for fika or lunch in town, watch people, meet friends and family and watch the city go back to sleep. One thing is missing though, and that’s Eric! Tonight, after another busy day for him, he’s sat watching TV series. So am I, but here in Malmö. First it was five days, then three weeks and now it’s only down to four days. I can’t wait!

I came home and got busy directly. It’s not only Eric that has applied for schosaveol, I have too. And that means I have to start looking into what I spend my money on, and see what I can be without and where to save. I’ve always had an income and now that will change. It’s a bit scary, to be honest, but at the same time it’s a challenge that I take on as a “game”.

My car story: I got my drivers license nine years ago, and on the same day I bought my first car. I called it Bettan, and it was a graphite grey Mitsubishi Carisma from 2002. I love being on the road, pack the car up and feeling free. I was driving everywhere. It didn’t take me long before I crossed borders and got to Germany and their Autobahn. Free speed and, back then, good and respectful drivers on the road. I know that doesn’t mean it’s safe to drive fast, too fast even, but it is a must at those speeds. And it doesn’t mean I went all in with free speed, but I did cross 200km/h (approximately 120miles/hour). Once! I was younger and didn’t understand people around me got scared for my safety. It was mostly my mum who was concerned and said anything, and she’s my mum and is always concerned. As I got a bit obilarlder I started to realise, and even got a bit scared myself to go too fast. But it’s not only about speed. It’s about the freedom and the way I feel when driving. I love driving longer distance and on my own. I can drive for hours without breaks and I sit and think, watch cars pass by, sing and even talk to myself. My playlist at Spotify is on for the full ride. I only stop singing to have a break or when I see a really expensive car pass by or when I feel the need to get upset with stupid and bad drivers. If anyone would ever put a camera in my car when I’m out driving longer distance, they’d probably lock me up at a mental institution. But it’s my time, and I am a bit of a nutter so I need to get it out from time to time. 😉 Since then I’ve owned a Saab 9.3, a Subaru Impreza and a Volvo V70. I have no idea where this interest, my love for cars and driving, comes from. But now times are changing…

Not that I don’t want to drive anymore, but it’s time to be a bit more economical.costs I don’t really need a car, and when I do I can rent one. So yesterday I sold my car. I feel a bit sad about not having the freedom of just hitting the road whenever, but it will be fine. It’s just a car. My plan was to start riding a bike instead. My plan was good, until I came home. Someone had stolen my saddle when I’ve been away. It was a Brooks saddle, so congratulations to whoever nicked it. I went and bought a new one yesterday and fixed other things on my bike, that needed fixing anyway. I cycled home and went to put my bike in the garage, but it was full at the stand. I realised I still have my garage (sad face), and I have (this is a bit sad, but in a different way) a garage in the garage (?!). So I parked my bike in there and in my head I went “twat”. 😉 Anyway… That’s a huge saving for me and, so far, it feels great!


Now we only need to fill out the space in the garage with a bike for Eric. He can’t wait, and neither can I! As you might have guessed, we didn’t get the apartment we bid on last week, so we’re still out hunting for our first home. In the meantime, we’re trying to sort all other bits and bobs out, as much as we can. There are still certain things we can’t make decisions about until later on. But we’ve learned that if one plan falls to pieces, we’ll go with the next. And therefore we have a lot of different plans for whatever might happen. During this last year, let’s say the last six months, our lives have changed drastically. Everything around us has gone wrong, except us. We grow stronger. And we keep growing stronger every day that passes. We know we have to work hard for it all, but that was also something we understood when we made certain decisions.

A different way of thinking. A new start. And a new way of living.





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