The Endless Search for Employment

Eric: The distance thing has just got easier. Erika is home and has decent wifi once more. It may seem silly, but there is nothing worse than a long distance relationship with limited wifi!

And my flights are booked! I’m heading back to Sweden to spend a glorious 8 days with my beloved. And I can’t wait.hqdefault

In my head I have made so many plans. Where we will eat. What we will do. Where we will go.

But in reality… all I want to do is to be in her arms again. I’ve missed her so much over the last few weeks. As she said earlier this week… it was supposed to be five days! But things changed. Things have a habit of doing that.

So what now? A job is my priority. Is there any Swedish company out there that requires an English guy with limited grasp on the Swedish language??? Probably not… But that won’t stop me trying.


I have sent out around twenty emails to various companies who are advertising jobs that I may (or may not) want to do… and about two emails to companies that I really want to work for, where my “skill set” would be well used…. so far…. rejection.

Luckily, stiff upper lip and carry on. Rejection is something that comes with the territory in my line of work (no I’m not a model!) so it’s something that I have got used to dealing with. But I know that one of these companies will find me interesting enough for an interview… then all I have to do is brush my hair… and don’t wear flip flops.


Job hunting is hard enough here in the UK, but when you are looking a little further afield, it’s almost impossible…… Almost. unemployed

I think a little visit to the tax/migration people might be helpful when I’m in Malmö. I have so much information about moving to Sweden, for example; what I need to bring, how to make the application etc. and now I feel like my head is going to burst, so perhaps an official visit might straighten it out a little bit.

But for now, amidst the endless applications and research… all I can think of is where to have my first fika! And Kanelbullar of course.



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