Toss or take?

The day I came home from work it was snowing and now, three days later, it’s still a bit too cold to put away the winter wardrobe. But it’s April. And instead of going shopping, I think it’s tooohime to bring out my spring/summer wardrobe. It feels like I get new clothes because I haven’t seen them for so long. At the same time I go through both my winter and my summer wardrobe and “throw” things out. That includes shoes! And it’s a really good feeling, getting rid of things you keep for no reason.

53d51cbee4c91_-_cher-horowitz-closet-deBefore I pack things down, I wash it. And I do the same with the things I unpack. So today it’s time for tvättstugan! The laundry room in the basement. In this building we have three and I have booked two of them. I’ve put the coffee on, I’ve put on some music and I’m just about to start go through my wardrobe. And hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of some.


First of all, I’m that kind of woman that like to take good care of my clothes. I don’t really follow the fashion either, and I like clothes with quality, that is timeless and simple, so I don’t really get a lot to throw out. And second of all, I can change between two sizes in a few days so I kind of need two wardrobes in one. I’m also that kind of sexncitywoman that never can decide what to wear, because I do have a lot of options, and to make that decision easier I try to make my wardrobe smaller and smaller. That is one of the reasons I decided to go back and do what I was told when I was younger, pack down the clothes in the end of a season and every half year force myself to go through it all and say “no thanks” to some of it. And I better start in time, because I need new boxes to store the clothes in. The lids of my old ones has cracked. I wonder how difficult it will be for me to transport large boxes on my bike, when I buy new ones?

Found a little reminder online how to clothingstore clothes after winter, if anyone have forgotten:


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