Eric: Im so close now. I can’t wait. Only one more night of sleeping in my bed and 1 day of work, before I leave for my new home land! (For a week.) it’s been so so long since I have seen Erika, and now it is so so close. 

My week in Malmö begins with my journey, starting tomorrow night. Planes, trains and automobiles. And I’ll be there Monday morning!!!!! 

Ready for fika, meals out, dancing, drinking….. and cuddles! 

No more Skype, no more Facebook, no more whatsapp….. for a whole week!!!! Actual face to face conversations. 

You take these things for granted when you live nearby, but even the smallest things matter when you are separated by distance. 

I can’t wait to hold her. I can’t wait to laugh with her. I can’t wait to drink coffee on the balcony with her.

That first time I see her will still give me butterflies. The first time I kiss her will be electric! She lights up my world every day. But our time is still limited. 

Not long now! Not long at all! 


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