Erika: No more counting days. Now I’m, well both of us are, counting the hours until we finally will see each other again. And it’s fifteen hours to go! 😀 I have butterflies deluxe today and I’ve been smiling all day. I can’t wait! When I wake up tomorrow, he’ll be here!

So today I’m keeping myself busy. I’m almost done packing down my winter wardrobe, but I probably shouldn’t because it’s freezing cold. I’ve put some clothes online for sale, but most of what I’m throwing away I will donate, as usual. I’ve just put up the ironing board to start ironing clothes AND sheets. Yes, I even do the sheets! I watch TV at the same time, and I enjoy it. 🙂

I’m also trying to plan a bit what we can do when he’s here, but a lot will probably be the same as the last time. Eric wants to go and see more things, like the modern museum and the museum at Malmöhus Slott. He also WANTS to do some of the same things again. Like Lite off, the coffee shop. And Via Napoli, the Italian restaurant. And he wants to try some more falafel. So I guess we’re gonna walk around Malmö, fika, go to museums and eat a lot of falafel from different places. 🙂

picnicEric also wants to go for a picnic, but I think that has to wait. It’s really windy and c-c-c-cold. Next time, babe. Next time we’ll go down in the park and sit in the sun with a picnic basket. Eating and drinking, laughing and talking, and just being in love!

We will have a busy week, no doubt. My friends are starting to get really curious about Eric and they want to meet up for fika and AW and things. But so far we’ve only planned for two things. We’ve decided to go to Pickwick Pub and try to do better on their quiz. And we’re having dinner with a friend and her boyfriend at a restaurant called the Surf Shack (I can’t survive on falafel for a week, can I?!!). I used to eat out a lot before, but I haven’t for years, so I’m just all over the place with food and restaurants and eating out. I love food! And I do like to try new/different restaurants, as much as I love to go back to my favorites. All different types of menus and at all price ranges. In Malmö you can find food from all over the world, and I’m not scared to try anything… Ok, there might be a few things I wouldn’t try… A few…

Back to Surf Shack!

Surf Shack took over after a restaurant called Barrack and just opened at Ribersborg. Icon_512Before Barrack it was called Pers krog, a restaurant that’s always been there and always had the same menu, look and waiters even. But I liked it. My parents had their first date there, and so did my auntie and her husband. Anyway… I haven’t been to the other Surf Shack restaurants, and I have only heard good things, so I’m really looking forward to that.

I really want Eric and I to book a table at Occo, a Lebanese restaurant at Drottningtorget. occoI’ve been there once with my father and it was amazing. Even the toilet visit was a “wow”. The owners of Occo also have Kagami, a Japanese restaurant on the other corner from Occo. My father and I went in to Kagami to just have a look at the interior design, which we’ve heard a lot about. And for a reason, it turned out. WOW! There is no windows, red interior, mirrors and a mystique feeling about it. It feels like you are entering a totally different world. I have never been there as a dinner guest, and I can imagine it is expensive, but I would love to go sometime.







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