Not All Rainbows and Gumdrops

Eric: So it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. I’m here in Malmö and it’s been a long week already. To be honest, we have had our struggles. Still in love and moving forward, but our own individual lives are hard work.

I won’t go into too much about our problems but needless to say, sometimes these things affect us. We try to ignore things, we try to stay strong in the midst of it all. However, sometimes the beast of below raises its ugly head.


I arrived on Monday, ready for our week together and it rained. God, it rained. I should be used to it being British, but the clouds, wind, cold and rain pushed us down as soon as it began. We tried to walk around the city, and enjoy it but the weather made it difficult.

We ate at Jenson’s bøfhus, and very quickly drank a bottle of red wine, but the rain meant it was a taxi home for us.


Our main problem this week has been bickering. Little arguments about nothing. But we know why. The struggles that we face individually make us tired, make us moody and make us snappy with each other.

There is no reason for it other than our own insecurities and feelings. However, we know that it is happening. And so we check ourselves. We talk. We apologise.

Whether it is a long distance relationship, or one filled with all the crazy love in the world, we still suffer the same basic problems as every other relationship. Sometimes we speak our minds a little too much. Sometimes we don’t feel the same energetic happiness at the same time. Sometimes we just need time on our own to collect up the thoughts and process all of the negative that is happening in our lives.

Sometimes…. nobody is perfect.

But we move forward. I bought a bicycle. We rode into town. The sun came out. We fika’d. And soon we felt the sun of our relationship on our faces again.


Nothing is perfect. Nothing is how we see it in the movies. Sometimes… and excuse the language… you are going to piss each other off.

But love is tolerance. And true love is being able to tolerate each other more than you can tolerate someone else. Love is not built on the explosions of lust, or the endless hours of conversation and french poetry. Love is built on the foundations of the mundane. And despite the problems and baggage that each person brings into a relationship, love continues. When all is said and done, when the fires of passion start burning cold, love is looking at each other and saying, “we made it.”

This weekend is going to be perfect. Full of laughter and happiness and togetherness. I know that.


I know that because that’s how we both want it to be.

We have already had an argument about the ingredients of a “Dark & Stormy”…. What more can possibly go wrong.


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