Monday turned into Sunday

Erika: As Eric said, we’ve had a bit of a bad week and we’ve struggled. But there’s reasons behind it, and as soon as we got it out of the system we got back up in the saddle. Our past isn’t just something to forget about and we know that. We knew that from the start. And we have to keep remembering that.14655

Anyway… He’s here! For one more day…

We went straight into face to face conversations, when he got here Monday, and it’s such a difference from talking on Skype. The alternative is good to have, but we’ve also realised the difficulties about it. Being miles apart and talking about more serious things is not an ultimate thing via the internet. Even though we can see one another, we can still hide behind that screen and misinterpret things, feel bad about it and get upset after the call has ended. But this week we don’t need Skype. No misunderstandings. No missing each other. Just being together. Even though it’s been a tough week, we’ve still been together and I’m happy about that.

These last few days just flew by. We’ve done, what seems like, nothing. And for the whole week I’ve wanted to sit down and write about our first month as bloggers. 1monthThe same Monday as Eric came to Malmö was exactly four weeks after we wrote our first Crazy Love post. My brain has been switched off and I haven’t had the peace of mind to do so. Until now.

I wanted to sit down and read through all of our blogs, see how many of them actually have been read and liked, and I also wanted to sit down and count the days Eric and I physically spent together for this last month. The answer to the last is six days. SIX days out of thirty! I hope that will change soon…

The post that got the most views was Eric’s post “Lund University Research Project” about a student who reached out to us to ask some questions about Malmö, from both a tourist and from a local point of view. Eric posted the whole interview. The post that, in our first month, got the most likes was, again, Eric’s and “Long Distance Expense”. We have to pay for flights and travel to see each other, but we are looking into actually going for a holiday instead of meeting up in each others home towns. It would be nice with some sun, especially when the Swedish spring decided to wait until next year and the summer will probably run a bit late. The nice thing with Europe is that, at this time of year, we can go for a city holiday rather than a charted trip. The weather is nice in most parts of Europe at this time, and exploring cities together is in my top five to-do-list.

I asked Eric which post he enjoyed the most to read and his favorite is my “Dream away, handsome”. Sometimes you need to dream and get away from all the do’s and dont’s, and to give your brain a bit of a break from the reality. And I believe that life doesn’t have to be all black and white. I must say I like that post too, but not as much as his “My First Day On The Bridge”. Eric’s first time going across the bridge to come visit me and Malmö was less than effortless. He came to Malmö with no luggage, the airport had lost it, and he came late in the night so we couldn’t get him anything. Plus he almost ended up in a huge argument on the train to get here. He’s such a good and funny writ2013-05-01-24-1024x683er, and that one is, to me, so alive and funny to read.

Today it’s Valborg. We’re now sat in the sun, that finally decided to show itself, and having a drink. Later tonight we will go down to the beach Sibbarp, on our bikes, and watch the bonfires, eat and have a drink.


One thought on “Monday turned into Sunday

  1. Your posts will have been read a lot more than you know-I think that it only registers in your stats when people visit your site to read it. The majority of people will read it in their Reader. And as for that bridge-as a huge fan of Saga in the tv programme I hope to cross it one day too.


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