Cycling in Malmö 

Eric: We’ve been a bit rubbish with the blog over the last week or so. But my short trip to Malmö was once again, wonderful. 

Yes we were bickering a little last week. Our lives seem to be getting on top of us a bit. But nevertheless, we have finally spent a little time together. 

And this time, the best part of the story…. I bought a bicycle! 

Where I live, mountain bikes are the thing. Big heavy duty bikes that help to traverse the undulating topography, covered in mud with little to no accessories for carrying and transporting. A bike is a bike. Nobody cares. 

However, in Malmö…… it is a styled mode of transport, “pimped” with retro lights, bag racks, baskets and full of polished chrome…. and I wanted in! 

We found a little shop, ‘Cycleson’ I think it was. Owned by an Iranian man and his wife, and we spent some time peering over what they had to offer. The secondhand section was overflowing with choice. Some in fantastic condition and others a little flakey. But to my surprise, there was only a couple of mountain bikes. 

I gravitated straight to the hybrid/road bikes. And instantly fell in love. 

What is this Skeppshult??? Hang on…. I’ve just noticed the price tag! Forget it!!! I don’t really understand SEK but I know that is a lot! 

The shop keeper at this point, kindly intervened….. try this one, try that one. 

Finally after a little cycling around the square, I find what I am looking for. A little haggling and I have what I want! 

My bike is made by ‘Creme’ and it is now adorned with lights, bag racks, basket and….. the biggest padlock known to man! 

I’m all set! 

From that point on, the world has changed. Erika and I cycle into the city and beyond, taking in sights like the tourist that I am. We cycle down to Limhamn, to Davidshall, and I quickly realise that this is the way to travel. 

The flat landscape of Malmö lends itself perfectly to the lazy cycling speeds that I can muster. And although the wind is cold against my face, I watch the world go by at a leisurely speed. 

If you are thinking of moving, then my advice is “get a bike” as soon as you can! Cycling is a big part of Malmö culture, and everywhere is littered with bicycles, leaning against walls, tied to railings. The Swedes have realised, that it really is the only way to travel in the big city! 


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