Missing you

Eric: Ok. So I’ve been happy and in the honeymoon period, and I still intend to stay that way…. but sometimes, just sometimes…. I hate this!

I can’t stand being away from Erika. I can’t stand us not being together. It rips at my heart, tears at my mind and chews me up then spits me back out again. 

“Long distance relationships are really hard” is the advice that people give. “Do you think you will be able to put up with it?” They say. 

And every time the answer is yes. 

Yes: because I love her.

Yes: because she is my whole world.

But some days, it is hell. Just a horrible lonely heart twisting hell. 

In a relationship you take for granted all those little things. You argue about the silly things. 

“You left the toilet seat up again!” 

“I don’t want to visit your mother!”

And so on. However, it’s those things that you yearn for at a distance. 

All I want, every day, every minute, is for her to be by my side. Next to me. 

I miss her smile, I miss her perfume, I miss her eyes. I miss her sleeping on my chest. I miss getting moody when she doesn’t understand the film. I miss cooking for her. I miss her eating the food so quickly that she doesn’t have time to form an opinion. 

To put it simply…. I miss her. 

13 days until we are together again. 

And it feels like forever!! 


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