Baby, I’m Coming Home!

Today I applied for a new job! It’s been nine years since I did that the last time, so I’m a bit rusty when it comes to interviews. jobAnd this one was an online video interview. My first, and a lot of nerves, so I don’t think it went too good. But it’s my first step towards starting school this autumn. And my new life!

I’ve worked away for so many years and always been fine with it. But I feel that I’m done. I will miss it though. Like a lot!!future

But I’m ready to leave this job now, more than I’ve ever been before. I wish I just could quit now… This job I applied for is only extra during the summer, but would have been perfect for me before school. And to be able to come home for good before school starts is a dream. I will keep looking for other jobs, and hopefully I will find something soon. The problem is being away and not to be able to go to interviews when needed. But I did my first online interview. Badly, but at least I’ve tried it.


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