The Countdown – down to 9 days

Erika: The countdown is now down to a single figure! It is the number 9. Nine days left until my first visit to Eric’s hometown! The plan was for me to stay there for eight days, but that might change. I got called to another interview for the job!! Tomorrow!! It’s within the HR area, and just what I’m after. If I get the job, I might have to start straight away and go home earlier. But in that case, I’m bringing Eric with me! 

Imagine if I would get it… That would mean that this is my last time away to work, and that I’m home for good from next week. Well, that’s what I hope for. I need to talk to my boss first and try to find someone to replace me, of course, and other paperwork things. What a busy week I will have if I get it… I would also need to go and buy a huge suitcase to get all my things with me from this place. Nearly all, is what I mean. I would need to go through it all and throw some of the things. Let’s not get our hopes up too soon…

I’ve already started to pack, in my head, for my trip to Eric. And as always, when I go travel, I will have a look at my weather-app to get some sort of idea of what to bring. Spring, summer or simply a mix of both, to be on the safe side. My app only shows one week ahead, because I haven’t paid for the premium version, so I still have to wait to find out. Plus I need Eric to tell me more of the activities he’s planned for us. I might need to pack my hiking shoes (if I had any) or my skies (not likely!) or my nail products to stay and start a business (that’s a joke too). I’m just so excited and, no doubt, we will be busy. If I stay eight days or three.

A few weeks ago when we talked about me going there, and I got all excited, there was one picture in my head. I have no idea why this was one of the things that got me really excited, but I saw Eric and me in his car. In my head, Eric was driving and, to me, was sat on the wrong side of the car. I pictured his left arm and my eyes went down to his left hand, on the gearstick. I saw him shifting gears and, still in my head, I got this feeling “uh, sexy!” Don’t ask. I have no idea! I know driving is a thing for me. But really? Silly! It was probably because I miss him like crazy… 🙂 And I’m pretty sure I will be sat in a car with him quite a lot, when visiting. I might even try to drive on the wrong side myself!

May is our month, it seems like, and I hope it’s our time to shine a bit now. With that I mean that things will start to go our way. We need that for sure. Maybe not for us as a couple, but…. Yes, for us as a couple!!!


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