Longer and Longer Distance

As I stare out of the window into the depths of the British, green countryside, I think of the weeks where our problems and insecurities climbed above our love and hung us from the parapet of being bloody moody with each other. It is unnecessary. It is stupid at times. But it is very easy for us to forget the reasons that we are where we are. I am as insecure as she is. Please don’t think that is just a female’s prerogative, far from it. Us guys get as insecure as our prettier counterparts.

Life of the Long Distance Relationship, brings about its own set of problems. Its own delusions and assumptions that the standard “yes we’re buying a house” style relationship can not compete with.


Try being apart through every high point and every low point. As days get longer as well as the night getting darker.

Try having to illustrate your love for each other in text messages, whatsapp messages and facebook. It is quite a challenge. We want to share things with each other. We want to be there through the good times and the bad times. Thankfully we are only ever a phone call away, but there is nothing like the touch of another human being.


Even our Skype calls are now limited by Erika’s awful wifi signal. An improvement that had made the first part of this long distance thing slightly more bearable.

We need to move on, to remember the love that we have for each other and to start working toward a brighter future. One in Sweden. One where every day we can argue and bicker about the mundane. And I can not wait for that day!

Here is some more fantastic advice from https://survivinglongdistance.wordpress.com/ as to how to keep that communication alive.

My preferred methods of LDR communication:

  1. A simple telephone call.You can never go wrong with a telephone call. If you’re not using this method of communication in your LDR, I’m not sure how you’re surviving. No really. I don’t know. So please tell me how, if you are. In my opinion, smell and sound are the two strongest senses associated with memory. Listening to your significant other’s voice can flood your brain and heart with emotions, leading yourself back to the ultimate goal of a short-distance relationship, even in the toughest of times. And as we all know, there are some pretty tough times.
  2. BRB. I has 2 txt my bf. lol. Yes. The action that drives many adults who never had the opportunity for such a convenient form of communication crazy: texting. I don’t think this really needs much of an explanation: you can communicate anywhere, everywhere, and whenever with this awesome tool. (Just NOT WHEN DRIVING people. And not when walking if you’re not an observant person, and my biggest pet peeve: NOT WHEN CONVERSING WITH SOMEONE ELSE FACE TO FACE. Okay, I think that’s it now.)
  3. Facebook.I know not everyone has a Facebook, but I highly recommend it if you don’t. Even if your 13 year-old daughter threatens to disown you as a parent. She can get over her embarrassment for the sake of enhancing your long-distance relationship. There are Walls, Messages, Instant Messages, Video Chat. Heck, the act of Poking lets your significant other know that you’re thinking of him or her. And more awesomness: Facebook Games! Miss having Friday night game nights? Set up a weekly (or daily) game-fest with your love and challenge him or her to one of Facebook’s many online games.
  4. Speaking of Facebook video chatSkype, Oovoo, and Facetimeare all great methods of communicating as well. I know I’ve already talked about the benefits of video chatting in at least one or more blog posts, so no need to rehash that information here!


Interesting Semi-New Ways of Communicating:

  1. Instagram/Snapchat. (Let me preface this by saying I have never used Snapchat, but I believe it is only available on Apple and Android products. Correct me if I am wrong. The same with Instagram. However, owning a Windows phone myself, I have found a way around not having an Instagram app. Check out Instance. And to add more filters to your pictures: Instacam.) So, basically, these two apps are picture-taking apps. The beauty of this in an LDR, is sharing random moments from your day with your significant other in picture form. It sort of allows for your bf or gf to sneak a peek into moments you are experiencing.
  2. Vine/InstaVideo. I have not used either of these before (once again, a Windows phone hindrance), however, I find these fads very fascinating when applying them to long-distance communication. Vine allows for a six-second video recording while Instagram’s video feature allows for fifteen seconds of recording. Like Instagram photos and Snapchat, Vine and Instagram videos allow for a peek into your everyday life. The great thing about using these video devices is that the time commitment needed for Skype, Oovoo, Facetime, etc. is not needed. Similar to texting, these videos can be taken and sent almost anywhere and whenever. And, let’s face it, whipping out your phone to snap a picture or take a video is becoming the norm in our society. Lucky you!
  3. Walkie-talkies? Psh. How about Voxer?I honestly do not know if this app is still in existence, but Voxer is like texting, but better. Voxer is like a mixture of a walkie talkie and a text. Voxer is not as instant as a walkie talkie, but allows for the convenience of time that texting allows. It could be better than texting, in my opinion as it is safer, and allows you to listen to your significant other’s voice! YAY!
  4. Tweet tweet! Twitter! Really want an inside look into your bf or gf’s life? Enter Twitter. Constantly updating your twitter is more socially acceptable than constantly updating your Facebook status. Why? I’m not sure. It’s just an unspoken rule. So, more than likely, your significant other will update the world about the more mundane happenings of his or her life in Twitter form. It only gets creepy/annoying when you constantly bring up updates you see from your significant other’s Twitter/Facebook. Just know, your partner’s random thoughts can now be experienced by you for 140 characters or less.

As I mentioned before, this list is in NO WAY extensive (and I’m not entirely sure how accurately I described the apps I have never used). Feel free to add on to this list! Most of the apps and methods of communicating mentioned are already in use by just about all of us, but I’m sure many of us never realized how lucky we are to have these methods of communication. Especially when it comes to keeping LDRs alive.


Whatever method we choose, it will never be as good as the times we share together. So right now, I hold on tight to the fact that in only 8 days, we will be together again. This time… at my house! It’s nearly time to show her exactly where I come from and the smalltown mentality that I was born in.




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