The Number Eight

Erika: Eight days to go until I’ll be in Eric’s hometown. And one week goes really fast. Especially for Eric, I would say, because he needs to sort things before I get there. Like doing all his laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping AND haircuts and facials and things. πŸ˜‰

In China the number eight is a lucky number. In casinos, that’s one of the numbers they, superstitious people I would say, bet on. I’m a bit superstitious myself with some things… With quite a lot actually… If you sell a house, in China, with an eight in the address, or even a car with an eight in the registration plate, it will sell to a much higher price than without. The more eights, the more luck, the higher the price goes (if I’ve understood it correctly). Other lucky numbers in China is 0, 6 and 9, and let’s not talk about the unlucky numbers. As I said, I am a bit superstitious myself and I rather ignore the unlucky ones. If I don’t think about the Chinese old traditions and the meaning of them, they don’t exist to me. Stupid, but hey ho! The reason why some numbers are LUCKY numbers is that, as a Chinese tradition, the names of the numbers sounds similar to words with a positive meaning, and therefore means luck. The number eight, in Chinese, sounds like the word for wealth and prosper. For example, the Summer Olympics in 2008, held in Beijing, the opening ceremony started 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm, local time. Needless to say, it was on the 8th of August.

So I’ll take our one week to go, as a lucky sign. And I will enjoy this week, which also might be the last week at this job!!

Today I’ve bought a huge suitcase to try and fit everything in. Let’s see how that goes! While I was out shopping in town today, one of my colleagues called and wanted to see me for a quick coffee. She said she had a gift for me… I was so busy and almost missed her, but when I got there she told me to close my eyes when I’d sat down. I did as I got told, and when she told me to open my eyes she was holding a small bouquet. It was from Eric!!! He’d called her and asked for her to go and arrange it for me. So I’m now walking around with a huge big fat smile on my face. πŸ™‚

A big smile on my face… Third day in a row! I’m happy with that! πŸ™‚ Tuesday was because of a reason I can’t really write about. Yet! Yesterday was because of my interview and my possibilities of going home for good. And today… Because of the love for my BOYFRIEND who lets me know, wherever in the world I am, that he loves me right back!!!

Eight days, baby! Eight days! And I’m coming home. To you! Xxx


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