Trust No One or Believe Everyone

Eric:  I’m so sorry for those that are not interested, but it is about time that I took a little look at the political minefield that we have in front of us in the UK right now. With June 8th slowly making an appearance, let’s see what is happening…

Manifesto – a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.


So as it might well affect our little bubble, I thought that I would start with the “Brexit Thing.” – It’s happening. There is nothing we can now do about it. So where does each party stand on it??


Theresa May’s party were divided on the question of Brexit, with the PM being described as a ‘reluctant Remainer’ by many.

Now they are almost totally united around the issue, with just one MP, Ken Clarke, voting against triggering Article 50 last month.

Theresa May said,


“Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back. And as we look to the future, the Government has the right plan for negotiating our new relationship with Europe. We want a deep and special partnership between a strong and successful European Union and a United Kingdom that is free to chart its own way in the world. That means we will regain control of our own money, our own laws and our own borders and we will be free to strike trade deals with old friends and new partners all around the world.

Key Points

  • Outside of the single market with the 27 member states of the EU
  • And outside of the customs union, leaving Britain free to set its own trade deals with the rest of the world
  • Having control over immigration – but without committing to reducing the numbers of people coming to the country
  • Guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK, so long as UK citizens living in EU countries get the same deal
  • Oppose a second referendum on the deal, but agree Parliament should be able to vote to accept or reject it.


It is fair to say no party is as strongly divided on Brexit as Labour.

The vast majority of its MPs and AMs backed Remain in last year’s referendum, but many have been elected in seats which backed Leave.

In big urban areas like London and Cardiff the party’s voters are generally pro-Remain, but outside this urban core traditional Labour voters have backed Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn said:


“Britain is now leaving the European Union. And Britain can be better off after Brexit. But that’s far from inevitable and it certainly won’t happen with a government that stands by whilst wages and salaries are driven down, industry is hollowed out and public services are cut to the point of breakdown.

“Because while the European Union has many problems so does Britain in the hands of Theresa May after six years of Conservative misrule.

“Only a Labour government, determined to reshape the economy so that it works for all, in every part of the country, can make Brexit work for Britain.

“And there can be no question of giving Theresa May’s Tories a free pass in the Brexit negotiations to entrench and take still further their failed free market policies in a post-Brexit Britain.”

Key Points

  • Any deal should allow the UK free access to the single market and the customs union, without tariffs
  • And protect any and all workers’ rights currently protected by EU law
  • It must guarantee the legal rights for all EU nationals currently living in Britain
  • That the free movement of workers around the EU could be up for negotiation – but they don’t oppose it
  • Migrants who work in essential public services should continue to be allowed to come to the UK
  • That there should be no second referendum on the deal, but that parliament should have a vote

And just for a giggle….



The party with arguably the clearest position on Brexit, Ukip want out of the EU tomorrow.

Despite the recent losses of their only MP Douglas Carswell and AM Mark Reckless, who declared that with Brexit secured the party’s job was done, they believe that without a Ukip voice around the table Brexit will be betrayed.

“We welcome the opportunity to take Ukip’s positive message to the country.

“We are in the midst of Brexit negotiations so this election will provide a perfect opportunity for the 52 per cent to vote for Ukip, the only party wholeheartedly committed to a clean, quick and efficient Brexit.”

Key Points:

  • Is at risk of being betrayed by elites who never wanted us to leave the EU
  • Doesn’t need Article 50 or negotiations, the UK should just say it is leaving and go
  • Means we can bring down the number of people migrating into the UK and introduce a points based system so that only the “best and brightest” come to the UK


There are obviously many other points of view in this debate, with The Green Party and Liberal Democrats with points to make. But I’m afraid I am a little old fashioned, and I think it is a two horse race. (Ignore the UKIP bit – I will be!)

There are so many other things to discuss… education, public services, tax rises and the NHS being just a few, however, this time around, if I disregard all my other feelings for now, and just base my decision on Brexit alone… Then I shall elect the unelectable. Sorry for giving a real opinion.

I will of course continue to ignore the political rants of amateurs on Facebook. I will ignore the barrage of satirical comedy from my less than qualified political “journalist” friends. I will read manifestos and watch interviews, ignoring the media bias and clear favouritism to desperately try to clutch the single thread of my own mind.


Here is my advice: (and it will never change although my political stand point might) Vote for whoever promises what you need right now.  I see people saying, “what difference does it make? They are all the same!” Or words to that effect… and to some extent, that is right. But that is mostly because of a long long history of seeing what does not work. Fascism does not work. Socialism does not work.

Ask Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini. We know it doesn’t work… so the best we have is a little left or right of the centre. That (of course) is only one opinion… and it is the opinion of someone who knows absolutely nothing about it.



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