3, 2, 1 – Go!

Tomorrow is my going home from work day. Maybe for ever, or maybe only for ten days. overstuffed-suitcaseEither way, I’m going home, and I’m now only three days away from my little vacation and meeting up with “Eric”. So for the last time, about these old Chinese traditions with lucky and unlucky numbers, it’s about the number three.

I had decided to not read or write anything more about these old Chinese traditions of meanings and numbers. I only started reading about it because I know a lot of Asians bet on the number eight at the Roulette table. But as I was about to close the page down in my Safari on my phone today I, out of curiosity, read about the number three and thought I couldn’t skip this one.three

So… The number three is, in Chinese traditions, significant because of a man’s important three stages in life; birth, marriage and death. And this is seen as a lucky number, so nothing bad about that being the only important stages of a man’s life. According to the traditions, of course… But that’s not why I decided to write about it, even though this next thing also is kind of a man thing.

Imagine that I’ve sat for days eying through texts about lucky numbers, according to Chinese traditions. I’ve read about all sorts of superstitious things, and the last I read is about the number three. I kind of get the importance of the number three, looking back in time and old traditions about men and that. But it wasn’t really far fetched for someone who doesn’t know anything about Chines signs, their sound or the meaning of their words, like it was with the other numbers. So I’m sat reading the really short text through… “It means birth, it stands for a man’s three stages and….. What?!” The last sentence to finish off the lucky number three was as follows:

3 is also used for the word ‘Sandwich’

I started to laugh. Heavily. Maybe it’s just me, but after all the superstitious things I’ve been reading about… THIS comes up! Haha

So today seems to be a man’s day. And also, today I’m saying goodbye to a male colleague I’ve worked with for eleven years. He’s like a brother, and we always joke about him being an old grumpy monotone sounding man. Hahaha It’s a sad day, when I think about it. And it would be the best feeling ever to leave this job at the same day as him. I kind of pretend I am!

…I did write this post in the morning and I do have some news:



I got the job! 😀 Today is my last day!!

I got the job!! I got the job!!! They called me today, before lunch, and asked me to come by timeand sign the contract as soon as I come home. I’m really excited. I have one problem thoughsuitcases-2… My things won’t fit my suitcases. Yes, suitcases. Plural. And no, I need more space. I’ve gone through it all four times, and each time I throw something away. But still, there is no space for the things I have to use for tonight. I’m going to need to go through it once more. And I better do it sooner than later! I’m going home!!!


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