What a Hectic Day

I woke up 5.30 this morning and had a busy day infront of me. A list? Sure!

  • Nails, I had to fix my nails
  • Wash my hair
  • I had to visit my 99 year old grandma
  • Signing my new contract at 2pm
  • Go see an apartment
  • Phone calls
  • Dinner with friends

I had all day, so I wasn’t really stressed. And I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden it was 1.30 and I had done NOTHING on the list. Except a few phone calls…

I now needed to get done and ready to meet my new colleagues, for the first time, and I only had twenty minutes!! Luckily, the office is just some meters away and I managed to get there at exactly 2pm! I stayed for an hour and got introduced to the others, signed the papers and left. When I came back home, I was still shaking. I had been so nervous, and I still don’t know why I got the job. With absolutely NO experience. But I got it and now I have to work my ass off to make it work and make them happy about their decision.

So… Two tics off the list. Hair and contract. I sat down and made some more phone calls and tried to relax a bit before I went on with my, now stressful, day.

Go see an apartment. I had to take a taxi there. Again, late. The apartment was nice, and I love the area. After the apartment I went straight on the bus that took me to my grandma. We had an hour chat about life and memories and art and a lot more. In the end she gave me… No, she borrowed me some letters that she received from her German friends dated back to 1935. I’ve always wanted to read them. Some of the letters were written during WWII’s Gestapo check ups and it’s crazy having them in my hand. It’s a scary feeling knowing one of “them” read these letters and then sealed them with their logo stickers. I was so in the moment that… Guess! I bet you can’t! Yes… Late for dinner with friends!!! So back in a taxi heading for Chill Out Sushi in Malmö.

What am I on? Five tics off the list. Impressive. Only… I’ve now been up for twenty hours and I’m not doing well here. One thing though… I’m bringing my nail kit to fix them at my stop in Amsterdam. I’ll have around three hours there. I also think I just decided to pack the last bits in the morning… I’m over and out! Goodnight! And “Eric”… I see you very soon!!! X


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