And she’s gone….

Another goodbye. Erika has finally come to me! We have spent a wonderful weekend here at the home of music festivals, bike rallies and garlic! And it has been wonderful to share it with her. 

But today…. she left. 

Another goodbye, but this time it feels less like forever! She has a new job, a new life about to start. 

I’ve already talked to her on Skype, and I’m so proud of a beautiful moment. 

It may seem silly to some of you, but she has made herself lunch…. for tomorrow… for her first day! 

She hasn’t had to make lunch for many years… but she seemed so proud of it. Avocado, beef, protein bars…. 

I’m so proud of her and everything she is doing, and I know that she is going to knock ’em dead! 

Just me to sort out now! New job required… let’s try to get myself to the same amazing level as her. 

It’s ok to put your girlfriend on a pedestal when she deserves to be there…. and Erika does. X


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