That’s it folks!

Erika: Slowly growing apart. Day by day the distance proves its point. Old, and new, routines building their way back up. Skype and FaceTime is forgotten about. Phone calls and texts starts to become more of a forced update. Bad excuses and white lies. Trust issues. The I love you’s has lost their meaning. And so onhurtme

Again, life slapped me in the face and taught me a lesson. Decisions were made that I was not part of, not asked to be and not welcome to be. I can see “Eric’s” thought process, even though disagreeing.  But that’s fine.

So… Now it’s time to raise that head up high, straighten that back and go with my old motto: Alone, I’m strong.

Who knows what the future holds? Maybe a break is the way forward to become great again. Or maybe a heartbrokengoodbye was…

“Eric”, you got me on the right path with school and that, so thank you.

Crazy love, yes it was. And yes it is!



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