Written Words

I don’t really know where to start. We were doing so well, but then the distance slowly took over. That’s what I want to believe. But in fact, that’s not it.

I can tell you the long story, but that would probably bore you to death. So here’s a short version 🙂

I’m heartbroken and sad about “losing” the man who’s over the last year become one of my best friends. “Eric” has made me make decisions I should have made years ago, but never really had the right support to make. For that I’m truly grateful. At the same time, it scares the hell out of me now facing it all on my own.

We have decided that a friendship over seas is not worth it, that it takes more energy than it gives. And… I’m not the only one who have made decisions over the last few months, and now it’s time for him to deal with all of his too. The most important one is that he have decided on working towards becoming a family again. Correction! Making the kids feel they belong to a family. They are priority uno, and rightfully so! We gave each other a well needed push, and that is what we take with us into the future. I wish him all the best!

untitledSo here I am, typing away. Call it therapy, but it helps me. I’ve always loved to write and I know how much it helps me to clear my thoughts. To get it off my chest and to empty my troubled mind. The magic in written words. And who knows what the future holds? I’m a fighter and a believer, but most importantly, I have a strong psyche that can take me through anything. So facing all these new challenges in life on my own, even if scary, I see it as an adventure. To grow and to find my way!


5 thoughts on “Written Words

  1. I understand the issues you are speaking of. I have two children by an ex-partner, and (now) have two children to my wife. (I nearly said current wife but I’m sure she would kill me if she read that!) Navigating the precarious path between these two situations can be difficult, but can be done if you’re committed enough to each other. But that’s generalising. People are different; families are different; situations are different. I’m glad you’ve decided to continue blogging.

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    1. (Haha Yes, better not write that!) Over the last few weeks Eric has got himself back on to his feet, to say the least 😊, and his mind is set on what he wants for the future. I won’t even try to change that. And sadly, neither will he. I got so happy when Eric said he wanted to start a blog. I’ve always loved to write, but haven’t for many years. And even though English isn’t my first language, I’ll do my best to continue blogging 😊

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      1. Well perhaps your blog will be the positive, permanent thing to come from that relationship. And don’t worry-your English is great. You may have to give me lessons.

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