Today’s Best Laugh

Work, work, work… Time flies when I’m at work and I love it. Only… It soundofmfeels like I never get done for the day. That’s, in a way, the nature of this profession I guess. Notes everywhere so I don’t forget things, a full calendar with Skype meetings, people to meet and places to go, assignments that need more attention and piles of work that needs to get registered. I do see progress though, and that’s what matters. Today has been a very productive day, and I hope by tomorrow evening it pays off. Or at least in the end of the week. But anything can happen in this line of work, and I’ve already experienced it I’m afraid. Never again will I think that I’ve filled a position. Not until the trial period is over, or the person retires. Maybe then! 😉

As I was walking home from work I got this feeling, that Malmö is too small as a city. Maybe I need something different, something with a pulse, to feel content. I love Malmö and its quietness and easy going lifestyle. But maybe my future plans need to be adjusted a bit. I’ve always felt a bit like a free bird, and I’ve never really fit in anywhere. Maybe I’ve just got stuck in the wrong town, maybe even in the wrong country. I’ll look into that… One Day!

So… I was walking home, deep in thought, and just outside my apartment someone was just about to park their car. Or maybe they weren’t. Oh yes, they were! No?? What was going on!!? I walked around the corner and stopped. This, I just had to watch! I found myself laughing on the inside. Well… My big genuine smile kind of blew my cover. I’m now going to show you two pictures. Yes, I took one on the spot, and then one later on where you can really see how “hard” it must have been for the driver to park that big machine of a car in that small, small parking space.

First try was a front-in-first method they clearly had no practise in. It didn’t work. So they did what they teach you while learning how to drive, to reverse into the space. Four tries later, and a lot of wheel-fighting-the-curb sounds, they managed to park the car! I find it amusing. Very amusing, to be honest. Maybe it’s because of my uncle and him teaching me how important it is to look good when you park your car. No mistakes allowed, people might see you. One try only! It’s about knowing your car, and knowing the size of your car. Which also is important when driving, not only parking.

What about my plan of the week – to start eat properly? Today I’ve done good. Breakfast, lunch, snack and I’m just about to make dinner. Late, I know, but at least I’m eating! 🙂


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