I Think I Just Died A Little

First I just want to say that this week’s mission has gone ok. I’ve been eating, so that’s a start. I feel hunger, which means I’m back on it ๐Ÿ™‚ Had another hour with my PT and my whole body is screaming for help. It hurts, but I love that kind of pain. Back on it tomorrow!

So… I think I just died a little… YES! More private photos coming up, and you’ll see why. If you’re into cars, that is. REAL cars! ๐Ÿ˜‰bil

I’ve talked about cars before, and there’s not a single day that goes by without me thinking about getting a new one. I sold mine two months ago to save money and I don’t regret it, but I do miss driving. A lot. My “problem” is that I can’t just buy any car. Maybe I could, but it would limit what time of the day I’m driving. I have been a diabetic type 1 for more than 23 years, and as a result of that my night vision has got affected. That means that I need a car with adaptive cruise control, just to feel I have that bit of extra safety if driving during nighttime. So a fairly new one. Maybe that’s not the only reason… I need a masculine car too, or a car that in a way shows I’m a strong woman. Sounds so silly, and I have no idea where it stems from. Maybe it is the feeling of not fitting in, I never have.

Becoming a type 1 diabetic at the age of 11 meant that I had to grow up, and to take responsibility from that day onwards. Having type 1 (not to be mixed up with type 2!) is like having a newborn baby, but with no one to give it to when needing a break. Not even when sleeping. And don’t get me started with how it is to be active versus not active, and all what it takes to prepare yourself for one day at the gym. It needs planning. It needs full surveillance at all times. Going into hypo (hypoglycemia) or hyper (hyperglycaemia) can ruin a whole day.

Anyway… It meant that I had to do and think of things friends and others around me didn’t. Maybe it made me into a more free bird than I otherwise would have become, but starting working away as a 22 year old also made me not fit in. I’ve seen and done different things, good and bad, and it has made me a bit of a loner which also meant I had to be strong. I wear both the skirt and the pants, and I fit them both. Very well, if I may say so myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

ageraCars! I don’t like sport cars, funny enough. It can be because of my height and unfolding myself out of one. No, thanks! I want to ease out of a car smoothly (after I’ve parked it even as smoothly). But! There is this one car, this piece of engine not to be compared with any other. The car you buy when your driveway is filled with other expensive car brands. The car I would gladly unfold myself, many times over, to get out of. This car make every other sport car sound hollow and weak, almost like a joke. I can go on and on…

Again… Anyway… Yesterday img_1957they met up in Malmรถ on their Owners Tour. But of course, I haven’t kept myself uimg_1958pdated and missed it. I only found out this morning when I woke up to that sweet sound of their engines outside my apartment. And I just died a little seeing them outside my apartment’s windows.


Agera – the Swedish word for “to take action”. Trevita – the Swedish words for “three whites” (tre vita). Owners Tour – Visiting homeland – Love it!


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