London, Baby!

What a week this has been!

Monday came, and I was just ready. Ready for life, and ready for me to just be me. During the week I haven’t even thought about “you have to eat” or “the future scares me” or “I feel so lonely”. It’s such a nice feeling, now looking back at the week and knowing I don’t need to feed my brain with positive thoughts. They’re just there anyway, like they should be.

I’ve been working out some this week, and I can feel the change in my body already. I love the feeling of when the muscles, in a way, take over. With everything you do, the muscles are working with you. I’m guessing it’s easier to see and feel the change when you’re a bit skinny as well. But! I’m up to about 9.4 stones (60 kilos ish). Yeah me!

img_2012What else has happened this week… Oh yes! How could I forget? 😉 Thursday morning I got flowers sent to me at work. A huge bouquet! It was from my old job, the casino, who wanted to wish me good luck for the future and thank me for all the years I’ve been working for them. When calling them to say thank you I got offered to work extra, if I need to while studying. Yes, please!

I know I have put myself in this position of not having a steady income each month, but it will be worth it in the end. It’s just that I still need to get some extra money on top of the student loan, which you can’t survive on. I got my first job as a sixteen year old, and have worked ever since. I’m a workaholic, in a way where I’m not picky (and I’m not scared of working hard either). As long as I know it’s not for ever, I might add, I can take on any job. So to be able to finance my way through school, I don’t see as a problem. I have a savings account as a back up, but the plan is to make it grow instead of using it.

Thursday, I had img_2018already had a great day when I got a text from the post office to come and collect my parcel. I had ordered my school literature a week ago and they had now arrived 🙂 I love books and schoolbooks, so my happy day was not yet over. I went to pick them up straight after work. I unwrapped the box like a kid on Christmas Day (Christmas Eve in Sweden), and got so excited that I almost forgot to pack for my weekend in London! The big fat book in the photo is Sveriges Rikes Lag, Swedish laws, and I’ve wanted it for so many years. Now, I’ve finally got a copy!

Friday came and I had hardly slept. Too excited about everything at the moment, and there’s not enough hours in the day for me to do everything I want and need to. Headed for work with my suitcase, all ready for London and with one of my new books in my bag.

My childhood friend lives in London and I’m visiting her and her, now, fiancé as often as I can. They just got engaged and they’ve planned an engagement party in early September, and the wedding is next summer. Totally-SwedishTwo more trips to London booked within the year, and to one of my favourite areas, Barnes, so I’m happy. Barnes could be one of my favourites because they have a Swedish shop 😉 Not that I would ever buy anything in there. Hugely overpriced products, but still, they have one. Friday evening we had plans, but changed them to just go to a local restaurant and catch up. Saturday was fully booked. We had tickets for a musical in the afternoon, Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour. Our seats were ON the stage and we fully enjoyed it. And a bottle of Petite Chablis, of course. Going to a musical is one of our things. We do it every time I come to visit. Last time we saw Kinky Boots, and I loved it! This one was ok, but maybe not my type of musical. At first I thought to myself “This will be a long afternoon” not really following the thick accent. But it wasn’t that bad after a while.

After the musical we had dinner plans with her fiancé and one of his friends at an American BBQ restaurant. Good food, but the portions was so big I couldn’t finish my meal. They also had live music, which I love. We then went to a cocktail bar, but the big portions in the restaurant had made us so full, and tired, so we gave up after one drink and went home. It turned out, that the burger I ordered was the double cheeseburger one, not the regular. So that explained it! And, us being tired could be because it was already past midnight! We never even looked at the time. I just love being here!

untitledToday is my last day in London before going back home, and we’ve planned to do something we normally never do. Go shopping! Funny, but we never do that when I come visit. So we’re going shopping and brunch-ing, and hopefully with a bit of bubbles in our glasses 🙂

I love being in London. london-townhouse-photo-6Not so much the city centre though but, in general, I do love it here! If I would dream a little bit, I would want to move to/live in Barnes or Richmond. If I was going to dream like A LOT, I would love to get a townhouse in London, maybe Chelsea.


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