Change of Plans

Where did this week go?! Wow I’ve been busy, but I like it! I haven’t even had time to open my schoolbooks. Ok, I’ve opened them, but not read more than a few lines here and there. Still excited though, and four weeks to go until I start. So that plan hasn’t changed!

I spent last weekend in London and it was nice as always, catching up with my childhood friend and her fiancé. On the Sunday we had decided to go shopping, which we never tend to do while I’m there. But this Sunday we did and, it turned out, I was in a right shopping mood. The bottle of Prosecco probably didn’t help either… Especially not when trying on dresses, and that’s when my plan changed.

– Do not gain weight before September! –

Ted Baker coat
Keyla, Short wrap cashmere-blend coat

I do love clothes, and I take good care of all of them, cheap and expensive, so they last for ever. I like a tailored fit and a simple and timeless cut, so I’ve never really been hip and fashionable. But always well dressed, casual or dressed up.

Being out shopping and trying on dresses, trousers, shirts, coats, and so on, I’ve realised how much I love a perfect fit.

I’ve always had a problem with sizes, legs versus waist and upper body. Maybe not for the five last years or so, but before that. My legs have always been too skinny (and one meter long!) compared to my waistline, so no trousers ever fitted me the way I liked them to. The same with tops, shirts and dresses because of my somewhat broad shoulders.

Ted Baker Shirt
Relar, Chelsea Grey shirt

Anyway… We ended up in the Ted Baker store, and I’ve never really got myself to buy anything from there before. When looking at the price tags it surprised me I never had, the prices were actually not that bad (read expensive). I had tried on the coat (top photo) and decided to go for it. And then I found the shirt (middle photo). Not only did I think it was cute but it also matches the lining of the coat 😉 So that was a go as well. But here was my mistake. We decided to go for lunch before I bought any of it. With lunch we had that bottle of Prosecco. So, when we went back to the Ted Baker store to buy the coat and the shirt, my friend decided that we had time for me to try on some dresses. Her thought was for me to find a dress for their engagement party. I did!

Ted Baker Dress
Rayald, Twist neck belted pencil dres

I fell in love with the Rayald dress (bottom photo), but I was a little unsure about the size. One size up was too big over, let’s say, my back (yes, the front!) but also around my hip area. But then I heard my clever, but a bit drunk, friend’s voice: “Aha! (pointing at me) You’ve just eaten!”

And of course I went “that’s true!”, also a bit drunk, and decided to buy it, as well as the coat and the shirt. So to be sure to fit the dress in September, I’m putting my gain-weight-plan on hold, until after the party. As you can see, the cut over the shoulder area meant that I also needed some new underwear. And a pair of shoes. Maybe two then. Actually, in total this week, I’ve bought four pairs of shoes. And at the airport I bought a new suitcase, which I actually needed. But that’s it (except a jumper or two, and a pair of jeans…).

Now it stops though, the shopping. And I will start to sell some of my clothes and shoes instead, which I’ve already started doing. My wardrobe goes from size 34 up to size 40 (U.K size 6-12) and I will not be needing the bigger sizes yet for some time, so better get rid of some. It’s just so hard to say goodbye to old favourites, but it has to be done. It’s time!


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