Hugging Trees

You know when you’ve made a fool of yourself in public, preferably being on your own as well, andsats you just wished someone videoed it? That’s what happened to me today.

I went to the gym today and had the last session with my PT before his three weeks vacation. It was leg day, and he pushed me so hard! The last exercise was a circular workout with push sled (high side with weights on) pushsledacross the floor, squats with barBarbell front squat to push pressbell push press (x10), chin ups (x10) and the push sled Chin-up-bar(low side, still with weights on) back to start. Three rounds in three minutes each, and that’s including the breaks. So the faster I did the rounds the longer the breaks. The first break was 50 seconds. The second break was… Less than 20 seconds! But I still manage to get the best time on my last round. Happy days!

So, I was done with the workout and it was time for me to head down to the changing rooms in the basement. Two floors down. On my wobbly I-can-hardly-walk legs. I’ve done that funny walk downstairs many times before, so that’s all fine. But this time I met the receptionist just around the corner. She had just mopped herself all the way upstairs, so the steps were all shiny with slippery soap. I did think about using the elevator as I began my journey downstairs. But I was careful and took it really really slow. I actually made it all the way down, and what else than to celebrate that with a selfie #postworkout #legday #nopainnogain #canhardlywalk #madeitdownthestairs


I’m a bit forgetful from time to time, and the pain kind of went away. So I forgot about my struggles walking in staircases and left the gym feeling all good about myself. So good even, that I thought I’ll treat myself to a latte at Redfellas, and some eye candy it turned out.

I walk in. It’s ok busy, but not too busy. I order my coffee. I stand and wait for the eye-candy-barista-guy to make it. (Barista is by the way the Italian word for bartender and you could say that we, in Sweden, use it as the word coffeemaker/coffeebartender.) I pay, we exchange some smiles, make small talk and then I leave. Well, I’m supposed to leave. Gracefully, just walk out of there with my coffee in my hand and the gym bag on my shoulder. All très sportif. But no no no. No such luck for me!

I don’t really know if my legs were actually numb, because it felt like they were working all fine. I could walk. But I could obviously not lift my foot high enough when walking out from the cafe. All that work in the gym getting up and down those stairs, and now I couldn’t even make one step.

Now is the time where I needed a cameraman by my side…

fallThis is what happened: I twostepstripped on the top edge of the first step out of two (like the photo shows). And you know when you in your head go “let’s save this one!”, before hugatree2falling over, and you try to save it really smoothly on step number two so you can act like nothing really happened afterwards? Didn’t happen! And I don’t know if this was luck or not, but there was this tree by the entrance…




(To the left: Reality, the size of the “tree” that got my loving hold-on-hard-and-try-to-stay-up hug)



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