Amazing!!! x3

Here I am, sat on my balcony, listening to a live concert with Per Gessle from Roxette. AquabarbieCorrect, he’s not here on the balcony with me, but the park next to my apartment has all different live concerts and festivals that I hear for FREE! Maybe I haven’t said this before, but I LOVE music. Love love love! Live or not, it can make me cry, smile, sing, jump and dance. They had a peterandre“We who love the 90s” festival last weekend. A lot of old stars rose from God knows where and was here. Among them was Aqua, Whigfield, Vengaboys and Me & My. 2 Unlimeted was here too. And… Peter André was here!!! Hearing Mysterious Girl live… 😀

Ah, what a cutie he is!

Listening to live music every week is the first Amazing!!!

Eleven years ago I met this funny crazy girl and we became great friends. She also knew all the gossip about everyone, which I fully enjoyed listening to. Yes, listening to. Nothing more. If you want a story to get out, I’m not the one to tell. I forget the small details, like mixing or forgetting names and places (which are quite important to get right), and I found out after my first attempt of gossiping so I didn’t try it again. On the other hand, I’m the perfect one to tell a secret, because I simply forget about it until you start to talk about it the next time. Not even as a teenager did I care if people made a fool out of themselves, wanted attention or made mistakes. Of course I’ve tried to care, I mean we’ve all seen Ricky Lake right? 😉 You’re supposhockedsed to go “OMG!!” with an open mouth and act all shocked. Let’s just say there is a reason why I’m not an actress…shocked2

(the photo to the right is how I would look like trying to do the same face as shown in the other photo)

So this friend. We partied and laughed a lot. Ah, the memories… We did everything together for about three years, until I met my ex boyfriend (not Eric). She might be a bit different, even a bit difficult, to some. To my ex she was. I won’t give him the blame that the friendship kind of ended abruptly, there were other things too. She started taking drugs from time to time, and sometimes when she was with me. She used to before I got to know her, but it’s something I can do without. And also, we grew apart. She still wanted to be out partying, and I enjoyed not to. I was kind of done with that part by then.

For the last five years we’ve tried to get our schedules together for a catch up, and I’m going to be honest and say that I might not have been that interested, but I’m too nice. She really wanted to, and she’s “missed” me a lot. We did book in a few dates here and there, but she didn’t show up to all of them. Why I rescheduled? Because, not only am I too nice, I’m also too bloody understanding if someone’s had a bad period, or day even, and a bit naive. But the last time was the worst, because then I was actually stood waiting for her (at a shopping centre, so fine 😉 ) She didn’t pick up her phone. She didn’t answer my texts. She was totally offline, and I’m a worried soul, so it really worried me. Everything possible that could have happened to her went through my head. Days later she contacted me saying “sorry, but I was too tired and I was too embarrassed to tell you”. That was it for me.

Last week she contacted me, telling me how much she misses me and that she wants to meet up. “I’ll come to Malmö, and I’m going to buy you dinner! Is Wednesday ok?” The nice me surfaced again of course. And yes, Wednesday as in today. And funny, here I am sat writing a post. Not out eating dinner and having drinks with my Copenhagen friend. Yes, thumbsdownyou guessed right! No answers on the text I sent either. She was supposed to pick me up from work, so when she didn’t answer, I just left for home. That was the second Amazing!!! Said in an ironic way.mat

But here’s the problem. And it’s a big one too, I know. To me that meant that I had nothing prepared for dinner.

Of course I solved the problem! To me there is no problems, only solutions! And it’s not only me I have to feed either? Me. Myself. And I. Remember? (The photos will explain my excuse) Here goes, tres amigos, the third and final Amazing!!! And an honest real one too! Like the first one… 🙂







In all honesty, that was my last try to meet up with her. I can take a lot, but enough is enough. I won’t waste my time or energy on someone that I don’t even feel like meeting, or get to know again.

I just have one more thing to add. The real excuse for my delicious muffin dinner. And I do apologize for my openness. This PMS is really not my thing. Still, to this day, I can’t get used to it and get surprised (!?!) by it every time. I stuff myself with crap, looking and feeling like a hippopotamus. And now I just remembered why I have so many different sizes in my wardrobe… At this specific moment, I don’t think the dress I bought for the engagement party in September will fit me. Even though I hope (I know… I think…) this bloating feeling will be gone by then.

 “Hello, you fool, I love you…C’mon join the joyride” is playing as we speak and with that I say goodnight to y’all!

Thanks Roxette (Per Gessle with band, or who’s the female singer?).

I’m over and out!



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