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Anna Kinberg Batra – That could be the name of our next Prime Minister

Next Election Day in Sweden is on the 9th of September 2018, so next year. It would surprise me greatly if our prime minster gets reelected, or would it?

I can’t wait for the debates to begin, and all the mudslinging that comes with it. I understand it though… What could possibly be more important before an election than to not focus on your manifests?batra

Back to Anna Kinberg Batra. Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous. Just look at her! And that dress… But who is she really?

rein-batraWhen the Moderate Party lost the election and our last Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt resigned from his duties, she became the spokesperson for the party. She become the party leader for the Moderate Party on the 10th of January 2015, and is also the first female leader the party has ever had.

I liked Mr. Reinfeldt. I still do. Not that I know a lot about what he did or did not do (I wasn’t living in Sweden enough is a bad excuse I know), but he is funny and has this authoritarian (and a bit funny) look that I like. Talking about him being funny… He’s in this clip from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013, when he was still the Prime Minister. It’s called Swedishness. Please have a look (if you enjoy dry humor that is!):

I do care about politics even though it might sound like I don’t, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t care about knowing who did this and who did that. I know some of it is part of the game, but last election was on such a low level that I just threw my hands up in the air and left it (I did vote, of course!). I remember thinking “we’re looking for our next leader, our new prime minister(!), and all they are doing is fighting to win The best Bully of the Year Award. This is ridiculous!”. I want clear facts about where the different parties stands in different questions and I want to hear the politicians in a grownup sensible way talk about their different point of views. Maybe a bit more than that, but roughly that. I just need enough information to be able to make a decision on who to vote for.

This wasn’t at all what I was suppose to write about, so I won’t go deeper into politics. For now!

Again, what about this Anna Kinberg Batra? Here’s some info:

  • She was born in 1970 in Skärholmen, Stockholm
  • Moved with her parents to Rotterdam in 1974
  • In 1980 they moved back to Sweden, Djursholm to be exact
  • She is fluent in both Swedish and Dutch. Speaks English, of course. And some French as well (not too sure about the level in French)
  • She has been active in the party since 1983
  • She has a MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics

But here comes the best one:

  • She’s married to David Batra, and they have a daughter called Elvira


David Batra – the husband!

I’m pretty sure none of you knows this David Batra, or more, knows of him. You probably didn’t know about Anna Kinberg Batra either. But he is, and here is where the “hurdy gurdy” title of the post comes from, one of the best comedians in Sweden! How funny is that? I think it’s great! He’s not only a comedian of course, but that was what I wanted to bring up here and now. And not only that, but he’s also from the south of Sweden. Lund, to be precise. Other facts:

  • Born in 1972
  • Half Swedish, half Indian
  • And, like his wife, he also has an MBA degree but from Lund University
  • Did his debut as a stand up comedian in 1994 in Malmö


I just love Sweden, how can you not?!sverige




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