Treasury Assistant

“What? What is that? Huh? …still don’t get it…” was my first thoughts after a sit down with a VP Corporate Finance guy at a known global company last week. The mix of Swedish and English words didn’t help either. Even though I, from time to time, mix three languages when I talk, I have a hard time following when others do. Especially if I have to write things down at the same time. Add to that all the shortenings and IT-systems I’ve never heard of within the finance area. But I went straight back to the office and:


I did some research, but it’s not only to just google those type of words and you’ll go “yep, got it”. I mean, the words I got explained to me via Google needed an explanation for the explanation. That’s what level I’m on. I’ve never really understood the finance area anyway, but now I don’t have a choice. Just to sit opposite to this VP Corporate Finance guy and try to understand at least half of what he said, to be able to scribble something down in my massive hard back notebook, was horrific. The guy was so competent as well. Go figure, in his position in a global business like that, he should be.

In the end I did my best to write an add. Now I have to wait for them to get back to me. Nerves! I say wait… But I’ve already booked in interviews with some good candidates. Funny that I know what to search for, just not what to write, or how to write it correctly, in an add. Might sound strange, but that’s how it is for me 🙂 treasury

A Treasury Assistant. That’s what I’m looking for.

It sounds interesting, but maybe a bit simple. Not that it’s anything wrong with or simple in being an assistant, but the work you actually do within the treasury area is so much more than being an assistant, I found out. But it’s what they call the position nevertheless.

When you don’t really know an area within a business, or an area within an area even, but you need to, you just find out! Google has really been my friend this week. It’s not an area everyone knows about, so I couldn’t really ask someone either. But I needed to get an add out. And I couldn’t really send a draft off to a VP Corporate Finance guy, the client that is, that says “hey, I need you to apply for this job but I have no idea what education or experience you need, and don’t ask me about what your duties will be”. But, as I said, I got it in the end, and I’m pleased with what I wrote and all the new information that I gathered.

infoI fully enjoy finding information about things, and I’m like a sponge at the moment. I’ve never really had that before, the curiosity of searching. More, I’ve never taken the time. My searches are not only about finance and economics, but also about politics and how municipalities function (which I’ve never cared for before), solicitors and law firms, HR departments etc. When I’m at the office I print and print and print (not all though). I rather read from a paper than from a computer screen. That goes with books and newspapers vs tablets as well. I’ve realised that I might not have this job for that much longer, at least not based in an office, so I actually need to buy a printer. Could be good to have when studying as well, to be honest. And I’ve thought about it…

My Koenigsegg have to wait! I’m going to buy a printer instead 😉



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