I am a tall, blonde Swedish lady (from time to time, yes), well travelled, has strong Scandinavian logic but an open mind, enjoys clean living and fika.

I started this blog after I made huge changes in my life, in the beginning of year 2017. I turned a page. I decided to start living my life, not everyone elses. I have now taken risks I have never before dared to.

I’ve been through a lot in my “life, part one” so I can and will get through anything that gets thrown at me, now when I’ve started “life, part two”. Recently, when I told a friend that I’m a realist she said:

I wouldn’t call it that. I would call it being positive.

That so defines who I am, even if I’ve been lost for a while. It won’t be easy, but I’m going to make my old dreams come true. The dreams I totally forgot about. Now I have realised, that I might have needed some life experience to be able to make the best out of them. When time was due… And now it’s time!

Always keep your head up high. Life goes on!

– Crazy Love – Called Life –