Goals Are Set!

Before I forget, I just love my #TedBaker coat you can see (well hardly but anyway) in the featured image. Part one: Surprisingly enough, Brexit research is back on! Or it was... It just occurred to me that it's probably still a bit early, and a waste of time, to look into what will happen …

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Feeling S.A.D.

I’m still on the boxer-coach thing, that I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, and I haven’t given up on why my mood from one day to another just changes at the moment. First I just went with the idea that quite simply I just feel lonely after breaking off a long term relationship. That seems very …

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Applications and research

Part 1: Today is my first day sat down and trying to get some understanding of Brexit. I started reading a few articles from The Independent and browsed through a few other hits on Google. As I started to Google I realised that there’s not many hits for “in favor of Brexit”. I want to …

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